The Write Choices


For an employee, nothing is more important than a good pen and a notebook. Anything that would help them write down the takeaways from a meeting, anything that’ll help them remember the key points, anything that would remind them of appointments., Nothing would beat the retentive advantages of writing down information, an age old knowledge that has been proven from time and time again. In such case, if you happen to know someone whose job usually involves this type of activity, then you might be planning on going for a gift hunt, just to scout on the right writing tools and materials to present during the holidays. No worries, as we have come up with a list of suggestions to help you out in your search.

1.) A Ballpoint Pen

Yes, you’ve read that right, we specified the first one on the list as a ballpoint pen, and there’s a valuable reason why. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first, let us look into the importance of this specific pen. It is the most common choice when it comes to both students and employees. A few decades ago, pencils were a much preferred option, but due to the common phase of sharpening them after extensive use, people began to see the advantage of using a writing tool that doesn’t require you to wring repetitively each time the point dulls out. With ball pens, someone who needs to write immediately pull it out of their pockets, take out the cap, and proceed to take notes. Of course, more variety of ballpoint pens were made along the way, different colors and sizes were manufactured according to the needs of the people, and some were even sold in a set.

2.) A Notebook

What would writing materials be without notebooks? Yes, you may have bought your friend or co-worker a fancy-looking pen, but if they do not have any notebook then where are they going to jot down their notes? When it comes to notebooks, you actually have a lot of options. Some notebooks come with a hardcover, some notebooks come with the opposite, and some notebooks are either padded or quilted, either way, your main priority when selecting one as a gift would be the number of pages. If the recipient is one to write on a daily basis, then you’d need something that exceeds a hundred pages. Aside from that, you should also consider the quality, the thing about notebooks is that the paper quality affects the surface area, and a low quality paper may be easy to tear, something that could very well be an obstacle during extensive meetings, so you should choose wisely.

3.) Memo Pad Set

Now, here is something that the gift recipient may appreciate. A memo pad set is something so compact, yet so useful. They are basically useful during those times in which you’re being given very specific details, instructions, and information, and the only thing that you can do is to write them down and analyze them later. May it be for personal thoughts and ideas on the run, or particulars for or about your co-workers, family, and friends, a memo pad set is your go-to solution to preserve those details. Some of these details are even vital for daily activities, like a to-do list or reminders referring to scheduled appointments.

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