The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Traveler


 When you’re shopping for holiday gifts, it’s best to match your choices up with your recipient’s interests. If you have a few globetrotters on your list, then this gift guide is for you. Whether you’re shopping for a luxury traveler, an adventurer, or a part-time traveler, this ultimate holiday gift guide has you covered. We’ve put together the perfect practical gifts for the travel-obsessed.

1. Power Bank
For anyone who relies on their phone for pretty much everything, a power bank is simply indispensable. This is especially true if your recipient loves to explore new places, or if they have a poor sense of direction. Chances are they depend heavily on map apps, which drain their batteries fast. Luckily, portable phone chargers can give them enough phone power, so they’ll arrive at their destinations in one piece.

2. Travel blanket
It might not seem like much, but a cozy blanket goes a long way – especially if they constantly spend time on the road, in an air-conditioned vehicle. If the temperature gets to cold, they’ll be extremely grateful to have a blanket to make their trip at least somewhat warmer and more comfortable. Also, an extra-large scarf is a more stylish substitute.

3. E-reader
Traveling means spending long hours in transit. These are times when an e-reader comes in handy. Time will fly when they’re reading the latest mystery novel or indulging in the newest edition of their favorite romance series. They can have hundreds of books at their fingertips – something for every situation and without carrying any extra weight.

4. Instant camera
There are memories that are so extraordinarily amazing that no cellphone camera can ever do them justice. Sure, a decent phone camera can be used for those envy-inducing travel snaps, but an instant camera is better for one simple reason: it’s just more fun for your recipient. Point, click, and boom, they’ve got vintage-looking photos, perfectly framed in that iconic white border, ready to be put up around their room when they get home.

5. Earphones
Few things are more annoying than loud passengers in a public vehicle. This is exactly why earphones were invented. Not only will your recipient get to listen to their favorite tunes, but no amount of snoring, crying, and loud laughing will bother them. It’s just good music and serenity all the way, and they have you to thank.

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