The Season of Giving


For employees and executives alike, nothing can be more exciting than the most anticipated yearly Christmas parties. Not only would it give everyone a well-deserved break from all of the hard work and stress brought about by deadlines and fierce negotiations, it would also be a perfect opportunity for co-workers to see what their officemates are like when not enclosed in a very professional demeanor.

The thing about parties is that people would be willing to show their wacky side, even amongst their most serious co-workers, further breaking the ice in an otherwise humorless setting. For the most part, fun is fun when the bosses decide to chime in as well, and all gloves are off to celebrate another Yuletide season. In lieu of this, nothing can provide more smiles in a company gathering other than gifts and giveaways.

Of course, it would fall on the boss and party organizers to decide which gifts would best fit the occasion, but if ever you’re one of the assigned committees to organize the whole thing and you have no idea whatsoever regarding the right corporate giveaways, worry no more, as we’ve enlisted a few suggestions for you.

1.) A Crafty Paperweight

While it may not be the obvious choice for an office equipment, paperweights usually do their job well, staying true to their purpose of setting documents in their place. No one wants to lose an important contract, no one wants to lose a valuable invoice, no one wants to lose those critical “minutes of the meeting.”

Yes, they may be considered as a lowly ornament at times, but even this lowly ornament does wonders that goes unappreciated most of the time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to give your employees something as boring as a circular rock, so instead, you’d go for one of those porcelain or plastic paperweights which comes in many designs and colors. Take note, however, that the boss or company executive may also have a say in this, so if ever they would want a customized paperweight with the company logo and color etched on it, then you may have to go for that instead. After all, the boss will definitely be always right.

2.) A Desk Calendar

Here something trivial, yet very functional that the employees would greatly appreciate, at least for the upcoming new year. A desk calendar would provide that well-needed reminder, especially if they’re the ones who are usually sent to outdoor meetings. Clients and business partners are meticulous when it comes to time, and what better way to show face then to show up on time, at the right date, at the right appointment. Marking down meetings in a calendar has been an act that has been done through the decades, with the rise of smartphones, people began to transition towards their “digital reminders,” but time and time again, studies have proven that information written down has a far better chance of being remembered than those which are merely typewritten. We also have to mention that desk calendar are customizable as well. You may even color code office events accordingly, this would of course have to be consulted with the higher ups of the company, since schedules should always be confirmed without further announcements and notices.

3.) Duffel Bag

Here’s something that employees would greatly appreciate, especially those who are sent to meetings almost on a daily basis. A duffel bag would greatly come in handy, due to the fact that it would be able to carry all of the necessities needed for the said appointment. An average employee would at least need to bring a cellphone, a pen and notebook set, the important documents for the meeting, a laptop, a wallet, and a flash drive.

These things may seem small, but if they were to be brought simultaneously in one go, the person carrying them would need a high-quality bag to contain them all. As a part of the organizing committee who would oversee the corporate giveaways, you may need to think about this carefully, a bag made of a strong, light weight material wouldn’t be too bad, especially as it would need to withstand the weight of the items being carried.

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