The Gifts that Keeps on Giving

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There are certain gifts which brings out the best in people. A gift that keeps on giving, as it may. As an employer, it is your obligation to show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts and hard work throughout the years. An employee’s mindset has always been about achieving every task at hand, so you can just imagine the disappointment that may arise once all of their efforts goes to waste. If that isn’t hard enough, the lack of appreciation towards that effort may amplify the stress that may have already been there. An employer should step in during these times, not to fan the flames, but to extinguish it with fun and quirky ways to eliminate stress. As the company head, you are in charge of keeping employee morale at its peak, with fun events, weekend night outs, and even break time charades, if you can even fit that in. If there is a certain level of time constraint, however, you may be better off gifting your employees with items that may lift up their spirits in the long run. Items which they may or they may not be able to use inside and outside work. If you’re not familiar with any of these particular set of fun and quirky items, allow us to exhibit a few examples which your employees would surely appreciate:

1)A Card Case

Now, you might be wondering why a card case would be an important item to give your employees, out of all the many grandiose gifts that you may give them on the go. Here’s the thing, your employees are professionals, some of them may be in their late twenties, some may be well-over in their thirties or forties. They have a life outside of work, yet, the things they process during their personal time may involve a few items which they also utilize during their work hours; case in point, government IDs and credit cards. Nowadays, you cannot deny the negative impact of hackers and online scams. You have your employees running office errands, using their details and IDs and putting their identities on the line in favor of the company’s continuous functions. If ever something were to happen to their details, you can bet that it would cause distress among them, affecting their work and performance. As an employer, you may hit two birds with one stone. During free time, you may gather them up for a presentation and lecture against identity theft and personal details hacking, using the card case as a giveaway after the presentation. These card cases aren’t to be laughed about either, they are able to prevent physical damage to your cards and RFID hacking at the same time, even keeping your employees Beep cards safe and sound. Showing your employees that you care about their privacy and personal details says so much about your drive towards helping out your employees in the long run, boosting morale and positive outlook in the workplace.

2)A Water Bottle

Well, when we mentioned that your employees also have a life outside of work, we may have been referring to how they spend their time during the weekend. Some may prefer to shop in malls, some may prefer to watch or stream movies at home, while there are also those who would prefer to dine out with family and friends. Understandably, while these activities may seem fun, they do not really contribute to the overall health of your employees. Work during the weekdays can get rigid and tough, and a healthy body would definitely be the deciding factor on whether your employees would make or break the deal. As an employer, it is also your obligation to make sure that they stay fit and healthy inside and outside of work. Of course, you have to respect their privacy and whatever activities that they may have on their free time, but in one way or the other, remind them that a healthy body does wonders, even beyond their current work, it may help them achieve greater things for both their career and personal life. A durable water bottle would somewhat send that message if you’re embarrassed to tell them verbally. The thing is, as much as you care about your employees, a verbal advice may be taken negatively, insinuating that you were talking about their figure (which is commonly the case when health is discussed at work). A water bottle would be most useful when they decide to hit the gym or the hiking road. Workouts usually tend to cause perspiration, hence, why the person doing the routine should rehydrate every once in a while in order to replace those lost fluids. While it may seem like a simple gift, remember that it would also send a message of concern towards your employees, not just about their work performance, but also about their health overall.

3)A Stress Ball

What better way to de-stress your employees then with something simple, yet very useful during those tight schedules. Stress balls are small, round, and colorful items which are used as an outlet for stress. Your employees may squeeze them to their heart’s content in order to get rid of the pressure brought about by deadlines. Think of it as a lightning rod, absorbing all of the headaches and other body pains which may have accumulated during workdays, leading up to the major presentation. They come in customizable colors, adding to the fun, quirky nature and use of the object itself. The best thing about this is that, as simple as it may seem, stress balls are quiet useful. A simple office banter during breaks would add to the fun of playing mini basketball or golf in the break room. You can also pass along messages, attaching sticky notes and tossing it around, contributing to that de-stress process of running the office. This form of gift would somewhat show your fun side as an employer as well, knowing when to become strict in the face of a tight deadline and loosening up once everything has been accomplished.

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