The Corporate Kris Kringles

december 2

The holiday season is finally here! Companies left and right are planning out their parties and are trying to come up with the perfect gift for their employees. Of course, giveaways are a staple of  corporate Christmas celebrations, which is why it is the organizer’s job to make sure that everyone will have a good time with the program and that all of the employees would receive a great amount of giveaways and loot by the end of the night. May it be an elegant gift or a simple one, corporate giveaways should at least feature two main things, functionality and convenience, and both should be in favor of office activities. In such case, no need to look any further than our list of appropriate gifts this upcoming Yuletide season. Take note that these following items are tentative, and every suggestion should still be consulted with your superiors at work, unless you are given the freedom to plan everything out in one go.

1 .)Stress Balls
Christmas parties, along with the other festive events held at the office for that year, are meant to loosen up your employees and co-workers. It should be a time for them to have fun, a time for them to relax, a time for them break the ice with the people from the other department whom they might have come across with, but haven’t spoken to throughout the workdays. Indeed, parties should be a relaxing time for the employees, which is why the very first item on the list focuses on that very purpose. Stress balls are very therapeutic in the sense that employees can “squeeze” away their concerns. The thing about stress is that they tend to bottle up inside a person’s mind, inside a person’s emotion, hence, why stress balls would enable them to vent out their possible frustrations through a simple squeeze. It might seem silly at first, but there’s a reason why even company executives always have a few of these in their pockets, they know the importance of letting off steam rather than bottling them up.

2.)Stainless Mug

One of the most obvious choice for a corporate giveaway would have to be something that enables your co-workers or employees to refresh every once in a while. Being able to have their morning, afternoon, or evening fix of coffee would allow them to stay awake and be alert during the most critical parts of the day. If hot drinks aren’t their thing, however, they may also opt for a much cooler alternative, perhaps an organic fruit blend for that healthy office boost? Or how about a nice cold sip of soft drink to get that tiny dose of caffeine and sugar? With a stainless mug, the recipients would have options due to it being compatible with either hot or cold beverages. Of course, you may opt to consider the size of the container, as some of the employees may have liters in mind instead of a few ounces, but regardless, we can all agree that everyone needs their refreshments, and especially for those who would go out for meetings, a handy sturdy mug can do wonders for the day.

3.)Folding Umbrellas

Another obvious choice for a corporate giveaway, an umbrella is both fancy and functional, especially during the monsoon season. We can all agree that the Philippines has one of the most unpredictable weather patterns ever. Regardless of the weather reports earlier, you may find yourself running towards a shed due to the heavy afternoon rain, an unexpected occurrence in spite of the cool, sunny morning air. Perhaps it is just a mere indication of our tropical climate, hence, why employees should always be aware and ready when it comes to travelling outdoors. Part of the preparations should be bringing an umbrella for every meetings done outdoors. Not only would a nifty umbrella be a valuable tool to deflect the unwanted effects of the weather, it would also be a great opportunity to promote your company, as some umbrella manufacturers would allow you to customize and add in your logo, thus hitting two birds with one stone. Do keep in mind that the quality of the umbrella would also matter, as low standard materials would only flip the umbrella during strong winds. Aside from that, take note that we also specified this item as a folding umbrella, due to the fact that they are more convenient to walk around with, even compact enough to be put in your duffel bag during the trip.

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