HR Tips: How to Create a Memorable First Day


As an HR manager, it’s your responsibility to make the new employees feel that they are most welcome in their new office. Regardless of their position and job description, a few important things need to be set in place in order for them to get the impression that they are in the right place, at the right time, with the right motivations for work. In that case, here are a few important tips to make their first day in the office memorable:

1. Give them a warm greeting.
A simple gesture can go a long way. Remember, they are new, and they do not know anyone in the office yet. They are not aware of the internal culture, jargons, and the basic ins and outs of their new setting. Be the well-needed ice breaker during this time. Greet them, introduce them to the other employees if you have to. Be the temporary moderator.

2. Start a welcome thread.
Send them a welcome e-mail, including the other employees within the same thread. This in turn would allow the other employees to know that there’s a new “kid in town,” and the new employee would also get to familiarize himself/herself with the names of his/her workmates.

3. Orient them.
Aside from introducing the new employee to his/her workmates, you may also need to introduce him/her to the office setting as a whole. What is the culture within the institution? What are the dos and don’ts? What are the most common challenges tackled before that the department as a whole would want to avoid again? These are vital things to be taught in order for you (the HR manager) to set the expectation of the new employee.

4. Discuss and prepare with the team.
You can opt to discuss with the current employees, even before the new employee comes in. Let them know that they’ll be working with a new face, and that they may need to “chip in” when it comes to letting their new workmate know of the ins and outs of the company and the job that he/she would be doing on a daily basis. This would make it more of a group effort when it comes to orienting the new guy/girl, and that makes great teamwork.

5. Give them a welcome gift.
Moments may be forgotten, but a key item, a token, a welcome gesture may never fade. Perhaps hand the new employee an official mug? Or how about providing them a few pen and memos, formatted with the company’s name and logo? This would make them feel that they are now indeed part of the group and workforce as a whole, and that they are warmly accepted within the four-corners of a good company.

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