How to Choose the Right Promotional Items to Create Brand Awareness


Believe it or not, there’s a right and wrong way to use promotional items to promote your business. Most businesses try to create brand awareness by random products and then giving them away to as many people as possible, leaving product reception to pure luck.

There is a better business practice than merely leaving it to chance. It is instead advisable to take a more strategic approach towards using promotional items.

Here are a few tips that will help improve your business’s chances to get good return on investment from promotional items as part of your marketing campaign.

1. Have clear campaign objectives before you purchase your promotional products.
You need to identify what goals you want to achieve from using promotional products. As far as marketing objectives go, you should ask yourself if you want to: (a) promote brand awareness for your business, (b) gain more lead inquiries for your business, or (c) initiate more sales for your business.

Whatever your objectives may be, your return on investment should directly correlate with your business’s marketing activities.

2. Choose the best promotional products for your target audience.
The promotional product that you select must be relevant to your target audience and the actions they want to pursue. For example, IT specialists will appreciate receiving a new laptop case, while clients in administrative positions might be more interested in a customized planner. If you have a younger audience, you may opt for custom buttons and pins. They’ve recently become a trendy fashion statement.

3. Aim to generate profit from your business’s promotional activities.
Don’t just simply shell out funds to promote brand awareness. Choose a specific market as your target audience and recognize how you can integrate a promotional product into their customer experience. Understand the needs and wants of your audience, build an angle that will increase their desire for what you have to offer, and then pitch it to them in the most compelling way.

For example, a store can give away a “free gift” after a set number of purchases. This is a great way to promote continued purchases while adding value to your brand. To get the best results, the promotional item needs to be unique and desirable. Many businesses have used items like limited-edition planners and mugs to create social media buzz, resulting in free online promotion.

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