How to Choose an Event Souvenir That Converts


Promotional souvenirs are, in many ways, better than other more popular forms of marketing. Clients will never print out and frame a banner ad. It is also unlikely that they will record an advertising jingle and use it as their ringtone. On the other hand, clients sincerely enjoy keeping souvenirs around. This means that your brand can deliver long-lasting and recurring impressions that can turn new prospects into lifelong clients.

Here’s how to select an event souvenir that works for you:

1. Choose souvenirs based on longevity
Souvenirs can help build enduring relationships, unlike a typical video ad which only lasts about 15 to 30 seconds before it’s gone. Clients can use items like pens and journals for up to six months; while tabletop calendars can last up to a year. You should choose items that are specific to your clients. And even if your recipient ends up not liking their souvenir, they might still re-gift them to their friends and family, stretching its lifespan even further.

2. Choose souvenirs based on exposure
Because event souvenirs are so enduring, they have the potential to influence almost all stages of your client’s decision-making process. For example, if your recipient places your promotional souvenir on their desk, it may remind them of your brand when making business decisions. Constant exposure to your logo can do wonders in helping turn a skeptic into a believer. Select souvenirs that clients will keep around their homes or workspaces. Consistency and proximity are key factors to a successful conversion.

3. Choose souvenirs based on cost efficiency
Lastly, it’s important to note that promotional souvenirs are much cheaper than television, magazine, and newspaper ads. It is a form of advertising that perfectly balances factors like cost-effectiveness and impact on the client. For example, a branded water bottle is both affordable and portable. Clients can carry it around, making impressions throughout the day. Choose souvenirs that are attractive and functional, without breaking the bank.

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