Holiday Gift Ideas for Company Executives

August 2


The holiday season’s just right around the corner. As early as now, you might be preparing your shopping list for gifts, to be given to family, friends, and loved ones. However, one should not forget to avail gifts for your colleagues and bosses as well. Remember, these are the people you’d encounter every day, and showing them that you care would definitely add to that goodwill shared within the office space. For the most part, your workmates may come first in your office list, but never forget the higher ups as well, they’re the one running and managing the place, after all. With that in mind, here are just a few holiday gift ideas that you may give your company executives:

1)A Leather Wallet

Company executives will greatly appreciate a gift which would carry all of their cards and IDs. Higher ups also tend to hand out a few calling cards to investors right after important meetings. Of course, a sign of exclusivity and elegance always comes in leather, which is why this is one of the most valued materials for high-end items. You name it, jackets, bags, and even pants on some occasions. Nonetheless, leather wallets will always be a sign of luxury and elegance that would best bring out your executive’s luxurious side.

2) A Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are considered to be costlier than regular pens, and for all obvious reasons. The thing about fountain pens is that, they aren’t just writing tools. They usually symbolize the stature of the one holding them. You wouldn’t find regular employees packing this item in their bags and purses. Company executives regularly carry them around to identify themselves during first-time meetings and investor conventions. Indeed, the pen will always be mightier than the sword, and what better way to give your higher ups this mighty symbol than with a fountain pen.

3) A Slate Cheeseboard with Knives Set

Regular employees aside, if you want to give your co-executives and investors an elegant gift they’ll enjoy this holiday season, then this one might certainly do the trick. People in high position such as executives also enjoy the simple things in life, like food for example. The manner in which they enjoy these things is what sets them apart from regular employees, however. Regular employees would prefer to dine out in fast food, while higher ups would usually choose restaurants. A Slate cheeseboard with Knives set would be the perfect gift, as most formal dinners usually involve wine, steak, and cheese, and what better way to prepare and entertain these line up than with an elegant set.


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