Elegant Corporate Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season

SEPT 1_ Elegant Corporate Gift Ideas for the Christmas Season_Revised
As an executive or owner of your own company, you might be wondering about the most appropriate gifts to give your employees this holiday season. While it may not be that much of a daunting task, you still want to show your employees that you care, that their efforts these past few months were greatly appreciated, and that they are some of the most valuable assets in your company. You try to think of a gift that maybe one or two of them may enjoy, but you definitely want to give them something that can generally be accepted with open arms and a warm appreciation. No worries, as we have prepared a few elegant gift ideas for the holidays:

1. A Simon Travel Bag and Luggage Essentials Set
During the holiday season, your employees may decide to take a leave. This is normal, especially for those hoping to have quality time with their families, away from the stress of work and the urban life. If this is the case then you might want to provide them with a useful item, something that can contain all of their belongings in one go. A Simon Travel Bag and Luggage Essentials Set would basically carry all of their stuff, from clothing to small socks, and even their travel essentials such as their documents and passports. It is a hand carry, so they’ll be able to keep it with them at all times, unless, of course, it gets too heavy.

2. A Slate Cheeseboard with Knives Set
Executives are very much like their regular employees, they also enjoy the simple things in life, like food for example. The manner in which they enjoy these things is what sets them apart, however. Regular employees would prefer to dine out in fast foods, while higher ups would choose restaurants. This is already a mere indication of what you can give the latter, especially this holiday season. A Slate Cheeseboard with Knives Set would be the perfect gift, as most formal dinners usually involve wine, steak, and cheese, and what better way to prepare and entertain these line up than with an elegant set.

3. A Grab Emergency Kit
No matter how cautious a person may be, he/she may still find himself in an accident. This may even happen during one’s vacation, which is why you should also consider giving your employees a Grab Emergency Kit. It is basically an emergency kit with a water bottle. Some may add a whistle, a Swiss Army knife, a compass, a few first aid ointments and band aids and some would even have a modern multi-purpose metal card the size of your typical driver’s license. Not only would your employees (who are about to embark on their Yuletide vacation) appreciate the gesture, they would also know that you care about their well-being, even when they’re thousands of miles away.

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