Corporate Giveaways that Your Employees May Use During their Holiday Trips

Must have items for rainy season

With the holiday season right around the corner, you might be thinking of the most appropriate gift ideas for your employees. You wouldn’t want your employees to think of work while they’re having quality time with their family. No, you would prefer for them to be well-rested, well-energized, and de-stressed during their short holiday vacation, which is why you should consider giving them something that may provide complete function and convenience during their trips. Here are just a few examples:
1. A Durable Customized Watch
Usually, vacationers would organize an itinerary in order for their trip to go smoothly. It’s just one way of making sure that no valuable time would be wasted during such a short vacation period. You can bet that your employees filing for a leave as early as now already has an itinerary up their sleeves. In such case, why not give them something that they can use along with their planners and holiday timetables. To ensure that they would never miss a flight, a durable watch would be the most appropriate company giveaway before or during the holidays. And take note, we mentioned the word “durable,” for your more adventurous employees who are looking to sky dive or rock climb during their vacation. Speaking of which.
2. A Custom Water Bottle
Help your employees stay rehydrated during their vacation. It doesn’t matter if they’ll be spending their Yuletide season in the warm climate of Boracay or the cold green lands of New Zealand, they’d be always on the move. And when they find themselves burning the calories during these travels, they might as well have a portable water bottle with them at all times. This is critical, especially for those who are looking to be involved in strenuous activities during the holidays, jet skiing, bob sledding, ice skating, and even the simplest act of swimming would require them to drink water every once in a while.
3.A Grab Emergency Kit
Accidents may occur anywhere at any time. Even the most cautious person may end up being involved in a sudden collision, thus rendering them in shock and distress. This may even happen during one’s vacation, which is why you should also consider giving your employees a Grab Emergency Kit. It is basically an emergency kit with a water bottle. Some may add a whistle, a Swiss Army knife, a compass, a few first aid ointments and band aids and some would even have a modern multi-purpose metal card the size of your typical driver’s license. Not only would your employees (who are about to embark on their Yuletide vacation) appreciate the gesture, they would also know that you care about their well-being, even when they’re thousands of miles away.


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