Cheers for Challenges!


A workplace victory is best defined by the milestones accomplished by a hardworking employee. In such case, each celebration should be appreciated by a reward that would not only show appreciation towards said employee, but also boost morale in the process. This holds true, especially in the corporate world. Everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants to be recognized, but at the end of the day, only a few would stand out from the rest, which is why the reward should be as prestigious and eye-catching as the reputation of the company itself. If a victory were to be celebrated, the victor would go on to improve his or her next performance the next time a major project were to be provided. For those who didn’t make the winner’s pedestal, they’d be inspired to continue working as they witness that every effort is repaid, no matter what. If you happen to be the boss or manager of a company, it would be wise to show your employees that their efforts and milestones do not go unnoticed, that you understand the hardships that they go through just to get to work on time, and that they are a major asset of the company, above all. In such case, here are a few suggestions in doing just that (by gifts, of course):

1) A Celebratory Award.

Milestones do not always need to translate into weekly, monthly, or even yearly work achievements. Some milestones are reached when an employee, for example, has lasted within the country for a decade or so. Call it more of an anniversary achievement, to be able to stay loyal and hardworking within a company for many, many years. Especially in a world where self-growth is a major priority of all, the amount of employees who prefer to stay within a single company for more than a decade is little to none, and an employee who has stuck within a single institution or company is quite impressive. Perhaps they see growth where others have seen stagnation, perhaps they have a sense of responsibility to the company itself, or perhaps they just really love working there. Nonetheless, it is a milestone which should not be ignored by the management as a whole. A celebratory award may come in many forms, but the most common ones is through a token or symbol that signifies the achievement itself. A token given to celebrate a whole decade or so of employment would be the cherry on top, as there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing one’s name within a mini-pedestal of the company, emblazed with either gold or silver, and carries the company name and logo


2) Carrying the company name.

Achieving milestones within the company is already a good enough feeling (reaching your monthly quota, being employee of the month, etc.), but being recognized as one of the vital wheel that keeps the company running is a much better feeling altogether. The thing is, people need to feel that they are part of the team, not just employees who’d be ordered around all day. No, people need to be recognized for what they are worth, and an employee who feels that his or her company treats him or her like a family would yield, not only better results, but a consistent one at that. In such case, the ample reward should both be of premium quality and adorns the company name and insignia. If an employee were to carry around the “reward,” it would be a symbol of love and pride towards the company that they’ve spent countless hours on in improving and promoting. Items such as Meadow Mix Totes and a Bernard Day Book with a Pen, crafted with the company name and logo are a perfect example of these ample rewards.


3. Bottoms up to a grand success!

Some major milestones aren’t accomplished alone. Especially in a corporate setting, teamwork is a must, and the fact that each department has a responsible group assigned to a particular project definitely shows that there is never an “I” in team. In such case, group rewards are your go-to choices when it’s finally time to recognize the most outstanding team, may it be for reaching the quota for this month or for being an outstanding team within this year. It’s like a machine that is made up of other major parts, it simply wouldn’t run at all without the whole mechanism functioning in unison. In such case, a reward that would be fitting for the whole “team” would somewhat need a unique interface, a little something called a Cyrus Water Bottle. Cyrus Water Bottles are very symbolic, in the sense that they are mostly used for team routines and workouts. The fact that the department or workgroup were able to pull it all together and accomplish their given tasks is a good criteria worthy of this reward which signifies the true meaning of teamwork and efficiency. You may not have an actual sports team at your disposal, but, you have a team that works like a perfect mechanism, all doing their parts efficiently and on time. It is somewhat similar to how a sports team coordinates during the game. Without proper coordination, there is no chance of winning against a formidable rival team, much like how an office wouldn’t function without proper planning and communication against a formidable deadline or project. Gift your employees with Cyrus Water Bottles as a token of your appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to the champions of your office.

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