6 Office Gifts to Make Long Commutes Easier

Office Gifts to make long commute easier

It’s never an easy task to commute. With the recent transportation conditions, one can say that there isn’t much convenience to expect, especially on long travels. However, you are given the option to make things easier, in spite of the grueling traffic and countless travel time. And why just stop there? You can be a lifesaver to others by presenting a few good gifts to make their long commutes easier as well. Here are just a few options:

1. A head phone
Yup, one way to pass time during long travels is to listen to your playlist of favorite songs. You may not realize it, but by the time you’ve gone through your plethora of albums, you’ve already reached your destination. A noise-cancelling head phone would be a great gift to your travelling workmates, especially when they’re assigned to do most of the business trips. May it be local or out of town, they’re sure to never be bored again in a lengthy travel.

2. A power bank
Business travels usually involve an employee communicating to his/her boss of the dealings from a long distance, via phone call or e-mail. In such case, their smartphones and tablets should always be charged, in order for them to continue their long distance reports and progress presentations. This is where a power bank would come in handy, as they would not only charge the devices along the way, but they may also serve as an emergency back-up source for energy, especially if the travels are lengthy.

3. A neck pillow
Of course, even business people need to catch their sleep. May it be on a plane or on a bus, it’s always uncomfortable to try to maintain a proper head position while sleeping in a seated position. Yes, some transportation seats are adjustable, but not all rides share such important feature. A neck pillow would definitely help avoid stiff neck in the long run.

4. A tumbler
Nothing is more important than getting rehydrated during your travel. Due to the long travel time, one may exert too much energy, and in turn, sweat out his/her inner fluids. This is the main reason why a tumbler may come in handy, as it would not only hold the cool beverage; it’s also spill proof, as secured by its air-tight lid.

5. A portable fan
Give them something to cool off with. Some public transportation units aren’t particularly well-ventilated at times, hence, people have to worry about the grueling heat as well. Especially here in the Philippines, a few hours of traffic, combined with the summer heat may deem too unbearable for commuters, hence, why a portable fan is a viable option. Some may be plugged in to a power bank, while others may also be attached to your smartphone’s charging dock, giving you hours of cool comfort within the trip.

6. A luggage with wheels
For both domestic and international business trips, this could just prove to be very useful. Not to be mistaken with big, bulky luggage, some modern luggages are portable enough to be easily carried, while containing enough space to keep an employee’s valuables safe and sound. This is one of the most obvious choice as it would not only be most functional for business trips, it would also be convenient to carry around, as some would have wheels, making them easy enough to be dragged towards your hotel accommodation and other destinations.
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HR Tips: How to Create a Memorable First Day


As an HR manager, it’s your responsibility to make the new employees feel that they are most welcome in their new office. Regardless of their position and job description, a few important things need to be set in place in order for them to get the impression that they are in the right place, at the right time, with the right motivations for work. In that case, here are a few important tips to make their first day in the office memorable:

1. Give them a warm greeting.
A simple gesture can go a long way. Remember, they are new, and they do not know anyone in the office yet. They are not aware of the internal culture, jargons, and the basic ins and outs of their new setting. Be the well-needed ice breaker during this time. Greet them, introduce them to the other employees if you have to. Be the temporary moderator.

2. Start a welcome thread.
Send them a welcome e-mail, including the other employees within the same thread. This in turn would allow the other employees to know that there’s a new “kid in town,” and the new employee would also get to familiarize himself/herself with the names of his/her workmates.

3. Orient them.
Aside from introducing the new employee to his/her workmates, you may also need to introduce him/her to the office setting as a whole. What is the culture within the institution? What are the dos and don’ts? What are the most common challenges tackled before that the department as a whole would want to avoid again? These are vital things to be taught in order for you (the HR manager) to set the expectation of the new employee.

4. Discuss and prepare with the team.
You can opt to discuss with the current employees, even before the new employee comes in. Let them know that they’ll be working with a new face, and that they may need to “chip in” when it comes to letting their new workmate know of the ins and outs of the company and the job that he/she would be doing on a daily basis. This would make it more of a group effort when it comes to orienting the new guy/girl, and that makes great teamwork.

5. Give them a welcome gift.
Moments may be forgotten, but a key item, a token, a welcome gesture may never fade. Perhaps hand the new employee an official mug? Or how about providing them a few pen and memos, formatted with the company’s name and logo? This would make them feel that they are now indeed part of the group and workforce as a whole, and that they are warmly accepted within the four-corners of a good company.

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6 Useful Gifts for Techies Who Love to Travel


Finding the right gift for a techie friend or workmate can be a daunting task. Aside from the fact that your choices are limited, you may also have second thoughts whether or not the recipient would love it. Nonetheless, there is a sure-fire technique in finding the right gift: functionality. Would the recipient be able to use it on a daily basis? Would it be convenient enough to carry around? These are the important questions to ask when hunting for the perfect gift. With these in mind, we’ve enumerated a few useful gift examples for techies who love to travel:

1. Power bank
Yup, anyone with a gadget can attest that this is one of the most vital things to have in a travel. It doesn’t even matter if you have a cellphone, a tablet, or a portable game console; this is a must-have, especially for those boring out-of-town commutes and company trips. The worst experience that anyone can have on the road is a drained device, especially when there’s traffic. Give them a power bank and they will never complain about the traffic blues anymore.

2. Earphones
Nothing can be more frustrating during travel than hearing intrusive noises from the other passengers.  The solution to this common problem: earphones. Gone are the days of unintentionally hearing personal conversations within a public vehicle. You can relax, sit back, and enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about the hefty travel ahead.

3. A head lamp
Your techie friends/workmates may decide to go spelunking (cave diving) one of these days, and this is a gift that may provide them great help along the way. Such an adventure requires full visibility, and one wrong move within the confines of a rocky cave may prove too risky, hence, why a head lamp may come in handy. Some head lamps provide adjustable brightness and head straps, thus, the recipient would greatly appreciate the customizations that comes with it.

4. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers
When it’s time to relax and freshen up on the beautiful beaches of the Philippines, a few waterproof Bluetooth speakers may provide that well-needed music to set up the mood. Depending on the make and model, some are either rechargeable or would require regular batteries. Nonetheless, they are completely portable and lightweight, well-enough to be carried in a handbag.

5. Drone
If your techie friends/workmates aren’t contented with capturing their adventures via a travel camera, then you may instead give them a drone. They can capture their travels and vacation moments via a stunning bird’s eye view, and in high-definition (depending on the brand and model of the drone). Now, that makes this a must-have!

6. Travel Camera
For the more adventurous techies, this is a well-recommended gift. Aside from the unforgettable vacation selfies, a travel camera may also record those fast-paced parts of the travels. Whether they’re rappelling down a mountain or surfing the high waves, those adventures can be stored and posted with the help of a handy portable cam.

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Office Moms

We all love our moms. They are the strong-willed, irreplaceable woman in our lives, always there to defend us and straighten us out whenever we’d need guidance. They are also one half of our home’s inner authority (the other half only belonging to our dads), the soft-voiced angel in our triumphs and the definitive tone of reprimand when necessary. With all of these in mind, it is important to mention that Mother’s Day is just around the corner again, and for our moms, nothing can be more heartwarming than the fact that they are well-appreciated by their family. What better way to show such appreciation than with good Mother’s Day gift? Here are just a few examples, especially aimed for office moms:

An office mug
The simplest and most obvious option would be the main container for their everyday dose of coffee. Ever seen one of those mugs which have the words “#1 Employee” etched on them? Why not go for one which would compliment her? You may opt for “Best Mom in the World” or “SuperMom,” the possibilities are endless. Some printing companies would even allow you to print photos on mugs, you might try giving your mom a mug with your family pictureon it.

Table accessories
A few things that could liven up an office desk would be a couple of table accessories. Items such as a pencil holder, a memo pad set, an organizer set, a framed family photo, and even a paperweight could add that well-needed color within a gloomy work day. If your mom has a particular preference in color or pattern, you may opt to avail a few items that would match just that, otherwise, you could also get creative and experiment with the color combinations that you think she’ll like.

A tote bag
Of course, our moms also know how to be stylish. They know how to blend fashion with function, and this is definitely one item that demonstrates just that. Choose a design that you know she’ll love and pick one which would complement with her everyday lifestyle. Is she the type of woman who carries a lot every day? Or does she prefer to carry just a few articles of items. Be aware of her preferences and you’d have a special gift in hand. Take note that some shops also offer various customizations on tote bags, may it be a Philippines-inspired “love local” design or a modern “chic” ensemble, you’ll have countless options to choose from.

An office back pillow
If your mom is someone who seats all day in front of a screen then you may need to look out for her posture as well. Save your mom from back aches and give her a back pillow as a present. Not only would they provide comfort, they’d also mold your mom’s posture throughout the whole day, just enough to keep her spine safe and comfy.

A desk clock
Remind your mom never to skip her meals and not to overwork for the day. A desk clock would be a good item to give, especially if you know that your mom is a workaholic, and that she sometimes loses track of her lunch break. This particular item is also customizable; some would even offer a desk clock with an attachable picture frame on the side.

If you’re still looking for more corporate gift ideas, feel free to check out Gift Solutions. Whether it is a product launch giveaway, a corporate event souvenir, a sales rally memorabilia, a holiday or Christmas gift, our products are designed with elegance, sophistication and simplicity

— all within your budget. For more information, you may call our hotline at +637-8641 to 42, or send us an e-mail via info@giftsolutions.ph.

6 Reasons Why Personalized Items Make Great Business Gifts


Over the years, personalized gifts have become a huge contender in the Philippine gift-giving market. Come to think of it, if simply engraving a person’s name or adding a few custom lines can turn an ordinary gift into a special one, it is definitely worth a try. After all, adding sentimental value to a business gift takes your positive customer relationship even further.

There are many ways to extend your gratitude and leave a lasting impression for your business. Focus on sincere gestures, activities, and personalized gifts that encourage engagement with your customers. With promotional marketing, there are endless ways to keep your brand visible and your business relationships thriving.

Still not convinced? Read on, as we’ve listed reasons why personalized items make great business gifts and corporate giveaways.

1. Boosts Personal Connection
Customized gifts allow the personal connection between you and the recipient to shine through. With these gifts, you can celebrate special connections with important people that help your business – whether it may be your clients, suppliers and even employees. This is what personalized gifts do – establish a connection, celebrate it, and make it stronger over time.

2. Personalized Gifting Reinforces Your Brand
Show those who choose to do business with you that your brand stands for relationships, thoughtfulness and going the extra mile. Here at Gift Solutions, we push forward customizable branding, which means that we want your business logo to be associated with the warmth felt by recipients of your business gifts.

3. Staying in Touch Keeps the Relationship Open
In marketing, there is something known as the “drip campaign” wherein companies make sure to keep in touch with their customers via email or other measures to nurture the relationship. When you give out personalized business gifts, it opens up the lines of contact. For instance, a client who receives your gift will most likely reply to express gratitude, providing you the opportunity to add even more value to your client’s experience.

4. Cost
Another reason why personalized items make great business gifts is the practical cost for your company. Customizing corporate items are definitely less expensive, in comparison to supplying monetary incentives to people who are associated with your business. Not to mention, giving monetary rewards can sometimes be tricky as some recipients might have the impression that you’re “buying” them for your convenience.

5. Gift Giving as a Sign of Success
Companies that pay attention to gift giving towards clients tend to be the ones that are highly successful. For instance, if your business can afford giving out gifts regularly, this means that your company has a greater opportunity of getting maximum exposure with your clients or customers.  This makes you the top-of-mind brand when they require the services or products that you are offering.

6. Gifting Sets You Apart from the Competition
You may not be the only company your client works with, but gifting may help you become their favorite. People do business with those they know and like. Sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner.

In giving gifts, factors such as timing, appropriateness, personality, business presentation and customizing should be considered. Take note of these and you will definitely enhance your company’s exposure.

Image source: http://bit.ly/2D0FXsJ

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Souvenirs for Your Next Company Event


Choosing products, sending over your company logo, and hitting the Submit button – ordering promotional products in the Philippines seems pretty straightforward, right? However, there’s a little bit more to it than the steps listed above, especially if you want a final product that is high-quality, long-lasting and well-designed. In this article, we list 3 mistakes businesses need to avoid when choosing souvenirs and corporate giveaways for their next company event:

1. Choosing the Wrong Product
Make sure to know who your business’s target audience is and then opt for the appropriate product for the group. The souvenir you choose should appeal to their work habits, hobbies, lifestyle or interests. Ideally, the product you opt for should fit into your business’s overall marketing plan. Clever promotional products that do not mesh well with your company’s values or branding will not give you your money’s worth.

2. Going Generic
Picking a memorable, standout promo item always pays off. Not only does it leave a long-lasting impression on its recipient, but it also ensures brand recall that could last for many years. Custom branding is a wonderful way to make a good impression on your customers. Think out of the box. For example, create a custom-shaped USB flash drive or any other product that will surprise recipients.

3. Choosing a Cheap Promotional Item
It is perfectly true that businesses want their souvenirs to reach a large number of people. However, opting for an excessively cheap and low-quality product gives recipients of these items no reason to keep it around. Low-quality and cheap promo souvenirs break down, wear out and give out quite easily. It is advisable to avoid affecting your brand in a negative way by opting for cheap promotional items. Instead, choose an item that is likely to leave a long-lasting impression and that recipients will find useful.

Your options for souvenirs are endless and are only limited by your means and imagination. But, whatever you choose, make sure to always think of how it will affect your company perception in the long run. Take the time to select souvenirs for your company and there is no doubt that you will be happy to have avoided the mistakes listed above.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/IPx7J1n_xUc

4 Convention Souvenirs Your Attendees Will Actually Use


Business conference and convention giveaways are one of the best ways to market your business. Attendees are made aware of your brand during business conventions when you place your logo on conference gifts. This increases your chances of being noticed and remembered. Convention promotional products are guaranteed to bring attention around your brand.

A lot of articles online suggest how important it is for companies to focus on giveaways that support their overall marketing strategy, connect with their audience and elevate their brand. In addition, there are definitely aspects of the perfect convention giveaways that will never chan – they need to be easy to transport, attractive to potential recipients, and budget-friendly.

In 2017, however, a new product trend showed that prospective recipients of promo items expect higher-quality giveaways. This means that having cost-effective promo items at conferences and conventions is still definitely important, but having higher-quality (and possibly more expensive) promo gift items is now needed to attract quality leads at these kinds of events.

This isn’t to say that traditional low-priced convention souvenirs are obsolete. The point is that higher-quality promo items have more potential to attract visitors to your booth and have them actually use these items long after the convention has ended.

We’ve listed some items below that will help you think beyond the pen and make a bigger impact on everyone that gets to receive your convention souvenirs:

1. Mobile Phone Ring Holder
This simply sticks to the back of a smartphone or tablet. It’s a convenient and safe metal ring grip prevents dropping and damaging mobile phones. Leverage full color imprinting and make this a worthwhile giveaway that will truly be useful to your convention attendees.

2. Microfiber Cloth
This soft microfiber cloth is ideal for cleaning smudges and fingerprints on devices and accessories. Versatile and portable, this cloth is definitely a must-have for anyone with phones, eyeglasses, sunglasses, cameras, tables, and other delicate surfaces – basically, it’s perfect for everyone! Your company’s logo and branding will pop with a beautiful full color imprint. What’s best is that this item is available in custom sizes and packaging for you to express your brand’s message and meet your exact needs.

3. Socks
Aside from shirts, it is quite rare to give out apparel items in conferences and other trade show events. But, you should really consider logo socks as convention souvenirs. They are affordable, yet highly effective in making an impression. Customers want apparel items they can actually wear, and socks are a gift that can universally please everyone.

4. Cord Wrap / Earphone Organizer
A cord wrap / earphone organizer is a practical souvenir and can be used every day. With a wide array of colors, recipients will be able to store their electronic cords in style with this creative promotional product.

The key to giving the most successful convention souvenirs is finding items that hit the sweet spot of being unique, attractive, and useful. This just goes to show that there are a lot of other items to choose from for conventions aside from the usual pen.


5 Personalized Items to Turn Clients into Brand Ambassadors


For a business owner, it is a dream to have customers who passionately advocate for their brand, with the same kind of unwavering loyalty that bigger brands have.

Today, companies are more engaged and committed to their target market. However, there is still a big divide between those who love and advocate for a brand and those who simply use their favorite products or services out of a sense of habit. The goal for any business is to convert customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Assuming you are doing everything right for your customers – providing high quality products, services and customer experience, what else can you do?

Building a business is all about creating a good relationship between you and your customers. People love getting free gifts! Promotional product put the law of reciprocity to work for you. In case you are not familiar, the law of reciprocity simply states – give, and you shall receive. More often than not, giving a gift to a person promotes a feeling that he/she should do something for you in return. With regards to the purpose of this article, the giving of promo items to someone else will make him or her more likely to do business with you.

Now, we go to the struggle of choosing the right promotional gifts that fit your business. When thinking of what to give out, it is easy to get lost in a sea of possibilities. But here are a few pointers to keep in mind: what is the cost per person; is the item aligned with your brand and message; and lastly, will the item be useful. Remember, investing in something that will be valued, used, and seen will give you more promotional bang for your buck.

We’ve listed below 5 promotional gift items to jumpstart your mission of turning clients into your very own brand ambassadors

1. Mugs
Inject your brand loyalty into your customers’ lives with stylish, sophisticated promotional mugs. They will be promoting your brand every time they take a sip of coffee or water. Personalized travel mugs with your brand name and logo help your marketing and branding efforts, and at the same time create a positive experience for your clients.

2. USB Flash Drive
USB flash drives can be used for a wide range of purposes. The benefits are endless for a brand considering having USB flash drives as giveaways. Not only is this promotional item useful, but there is also a high chance that your customer will link it with their keychain. This means that your company logo and details are always on hand for your client should there be a need to reach you.

3. Water Bottles
Perfect for giveaways, water bottles are useful all the while featuring your brand. There are a lot of styles and materials to choose from, as well as a vast range of prices. Carefully consider these factors as you decide on which style to choose as your promotional giveaway for your customers.

4. Pen & Leather Journals
These products are one of the most versatile desktop promotional items that serve a practical purpose for its users. Whether for the office, school or home, your clients can rely on them for both personal and professional use. Their usefulness makes them such a great promo giveaway. They give your business quite an advantage as these items are something they hold onto. Come to think of it, every time they use your pen and leather journal, your brand gets instant exposure. Plus, since they are inexpensive, you can customize it in any way you want to.

5. T-Shirt
Nothing beats the old school promo merchandise – customized t-shirts. Almost all businesses use them and for good reason. They are a terrific way to share important messages and increase brand awareness. With a wide selection of choices and designs, a shirt can definitely meet your business’s promotional needs. From quirky designs to exclusive slogans to a variety of styles and colors, t-shirts are a creative way to promote your company and even convert one-time customers to loyal brand ambassadors.

It will definitely take a lot of work and commitment to turn clients into brand ambassadors, but once they feel loyal to your brand, they are no longer sensitive to price, and they believe that your brand adds intangible value to their life.

Image Source: https://goo.gl/LbbhmX

3 Unique Personalized Gifts for Welcoming New Employees

This is also stressful for those in charge with onboarding new hires. Between the HR handbook and getting the company-issued computer to work, it’s easy for some things to fall through the cracks. But the first day at work is also a great opportunity to showcase your company culture and cultivate a strong dynamic from the get-go.

Welcome gifts – accompanied by a nice introduction letter, are essential to effective onboarding and making a good impression. They send the message right away that new members of the team are welcome, needed and appreciated.

Consider these 3 unique personalized gift ideas to welcome new employees to your company.

1. Computer bag

At some point, your new employee might find the need to bring a little work at home which requires bringing a laptop back and forth. Show your appreciation for their dedication with a custom computer bag, proudly bearing your company logo.

2. Branded blanket

Does your office feel like it’s a tundra? Help your new employees stay warm with a blanket branded with your company’s logo.

3. Valet and organizer

Make sure their cubicle stay tidy with a personalized valet and organizer. There are a variety to choose from, so select one that reflects your company’s branding and distribute to all your employees as gift thanking them for their hard work.

The ultimate goal of welcome gifts to new hires is to make them feel like they are part of the team even on their very first day. Note that companies who treat their workers well from day one are more likely to keep them longer. Also, happy employees will speak positively about their experience and consequently increase the company’s pool of job candidates.

Printed Gift Ideas for Small Business to Give to Their Clients

Whether you’re a small business or a big company, your clients are the lifeblood of your business. And, the Christmas Season is the perfect time to give out gifts to clients to show how much you appreciate doing business with them, and that you hope they continue to patronize your service or product.

In this article, we’ve listed down some printed gift ideas that won’t break the bank but your clients would surely appreciate:

1. Desk Calendars
Desk calendars come in a number of different and customizable designs. Whether you want to feature your company’s logo or your client’s logo is all up to you. One design variation of the desk calendar is the photo desk calendar wherein a photo of your choice is used as the image. Surely every time the recipient looks at the calendar to see the date, they would also get reminded of you. It’s definitely an easy way to promote your business every day of the year.

2. Wall Calendar
Some businesses prefer to distribute wall-hanging calendars instead of desk calendars. If you’re considering this gift idea, know that the design themes for wall calendar is similar to that of desk calendars. You can even include your company name, logo and contact details so that people who get to receive this can see your details every time they look what the day today is. This is quite an effective strategy to promote your company year after year.

3. T-Shirts
Oh how could we forget the classic. T-shirt is one giveaway that’s given in every occasion. You can use your company logo or another image or quote of your choice. Whether you want to print just the front or even the back is all up to you. If you decide to give out shirts to your clients this holiday season, it’s probably best to have your design ready and order these shirts ASAP.

4. Notepads & Sticky Notes
Your clients can use this gift in both their office or their home. Aside from being good to give during Christmas, you can also give this one out in other occasion or even corporate events. It’s important however to have these notepads and sticky notes designed in such a way that they still include your company name and contact information so that the recipient is reminded and they can easily reach you.

5. Keychains
Keychains can also be used to promote your business. They are an item that almost anyone can use. Every time the recipient of this gift opens a door with their keys, they’re reminded of your business. What’s fun is that there’s a lot of ways to design this product that best represents your company.

These printed gift ideas are just some of the products you can give your clients and promote your business at the same time.

And most importantly, know that while a gift will make your business memorable to your clients it’s consistently excellent service that will make them patronize your company for a long time.