The Gift for Every Office Personality

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All of us are unique in our very own way. Especially in an office setting, there are various personalities which may or may not stand out during work hours, yet end up being evident and memorable within the office in one way or the other. In terms of personalities, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, what may work for one person may not work out for another, which is why it is important for an employer to know his/her employees, in order to identify their needs and preferences. It may not be a big deal at the beginning, but remember, boosting your employees’ overall morale should be your priority. Doing so would make them appreciate their work, would make them love their work, and would make them more motivated for upcoming work projects. In such case, everyone should be well accounted for. Now, one of the main ways to show your appreciation and understanding towards your employees would be through gifts and giveaways. It may sound simple, but remember, each one has their own personality, each one is differentiated by their own preferences, and giving them the right gift would show them that you’ve taken time to know them, that you’ve done your homework, and that they really matter to you.

Perhaps you need tips with regards to different gift types for different personalities. Well, look no further than our examples below:

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1. For the HR Mom
HR moms, what would we do without them? HR people, in general, are the very first people that you meet upon the beginning of your tenure within the company. They are the gatekeepers, in a way. They’ll be there to interview you even before your tenure begins, they are there to orient you once you’ve gotten through the interview process, and they are there to answer to your needs whenever you feel something off about your position. Now, not to stereotype, but no other type of HR comes close to HR moms. HR moms are experts in their field, due to the fact that they are already well-trained, in terms of taking care of others. Remember, they may be HRs at work, but they are moms at home. They know how to tend to other’s needs, hence, why they are good at listening to other people and responding with a very logical and practical solution. Think of them as the negotiators during tense situations. Now, tending to everyone’s needs may be too much at times, which is why a gift that would distress people would be perfect for HR moms. Stress balls are your go-to solution for distressing employees, and it may even help your HR personnel from letting off steam. Stress balls are minute round objects, either made from foam or rubber, which can be squeezed to its full extend, in order to let off stress. While this may be a common item within the office (stress haunts the corporate world, after all), no one else deserves them more than HR moms. Just think about the amount of hassle they’d have to go through on a daily basis, interviewing up and comers, listening to employee concerns, implementing new mandates from the higher ups, it may just be too much to handles, but not for them, not for HR moms.

2. For the Fun Sales Guy
There will always be such a personality as the fun sales guy. Being a salesperson requires a perky personality, something that liven ups the whole place. If you’re going to sell off a particular product or data to the clients, you need to be captivating, you need to be attention-grabbing, you need to be fun. The fun sales guy is a prime example of people who have the natural skill to make any person smile, while at the same time, convince them to buy off a concept. Now, fun as they may be, they are also susceptible to stress. They are often faced with the responsibility of selling an idea that sounds ridiculous at first glance, which is why their skill in communication would blend that idea right in with convincing data, in order to make it sensible. This isn’t an easy task, as these ideas would often be presented to finicky clients, people who do not take “time-wasters” lightly. The fun sales guy would translate these concepts perfectly in order for the client to understand and appreciate the innovations right in front of them, and they’d understand in a way that made them laugh, smile, and even leave the meeting room in tears (of joy). For the fun sales guy, no other gift may be more appropriate as a bobble head picture frame. Bobble heads are already funny in their own right, now, imagine adding the face of the fun sale guy in the mix, hilarity would ensue. Bobble head picture frames are normally affordable per piece, but if you have a group of fun salespeople, then they might come cheaper in a bundle. Gift the whole group, if you must, just as long as it’ll put a smile on their faces.


3. For the Chic Marketing Professional
Chic is the perfect word to describe something or someone that emanates radiance style and elegance. It isn’t often that you see this characteristic in an office personnel, unless you meet with the marketing group. The chic marketing professional is someone who knows how to carry herself/himself. The clothes, the apparel, and even the office accessory that they carry around would often indicate this. Now, it isn’t often that a chic marketing professional would run out of stylish clothes, and for a good reason. They are always in the know, know what sells and what doesn’t, know what makes a certain thing profitable or not, and these mindset are what makes them tick, so much that it crosses over from their personal life into their professional tenure (they are marketing people, after all). In such case, you may be wondering how tough it would be to gift them with something as elegant as their daily attire. Well, it wouldn’t be that hard, as a matter of fact. The thing about corporate gifts is that they already coincide with the chic aesthetics of the marketing professionals. We are going to cheat a bit here by suggesting more than one gift idea. Your first option would be a fountain pen. Fountain pens have always been a status symbol rather than a mere office accessory, and chic marketing professionals are aware of that. Sure, fountain pens may come in handy during important deals and contract signings, but honestly, the only people you’d find carrying them around would be executives and company heads. The second gift idea in this category would be a wine and cheese set. Chic marketing professionals have a luxurious way of celebrating once an important deal pushes through, and this particular gift takes the cake (and wine with it). A wine and cheese set usually include uncorking devices and mini cheese knives and chopping boards, perfect for those elegant dinners. Knowing that chic marketing professionals likes to celebrate in style, this would hit the right spot.

If you’re still looking for more corporate gift ideas, feel free to check out Gift Solutions, the leading supplier of giveaways in the Philippines. Whether it is a product launch giveaway, a corporate event souvenir, a sales rally memorabilia, a holiday or Christmas gift, Gift Solutions’ products are designed with elegance, sophistication and simplicity — all within your budget. For more information, you may call their hotline at + 63 2 8637 8641, or send them an e-mail via

5 Kinds of Bags to Delight Anyone

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Everyone loves bags. The style, the functionality, the materials that make up the whole ensemble, we like to flaunt our bags, a lot! However, bags are also unique in their very own way. The thing is, we are blessed with varieties of bags that we fail to appreciate them for their differences. Each bag is represented by its function, and there are times in which we fail to utilize them to their fullest, only giving notice to their fashion, inasmuch as being accessories for our everyday wear. This is even more evident within an office setting, where the bag itself should accompany the corporate wear as a whole. Of course, people would always prefer to look very professional and presentable at work (perhaps due to office policy), but oftentimes, there is still leeway to make the most out of your bags without sacrificing your looks. The thing is, once the main function of a bag is made evident, the understanding that it may stand out is already made acceptable. But you may ask, “Do varieties of bags really have different uses?” Well, of course, they do. Look no further than our examples and you might be surprised about their functionalities. If you’re the boss or the head manager of your company, the more that you should pay attention to this list, as you may be given an idea of what to give your employees the next time you’d have an office awarding ceremony.


1. Backpacks
Usually, when the word “backpack” is spoken, people often imagine a mountain climber embarking on a rough journey, either that or they envision a tourist enjoying a long hike in a grassy, foreign location. They aren’t wrong to think about these images, and as the head of your company, this may come at your advantage. You see, gift ideas are hard to come by. You may know the ins and outs about your employees, what they love, what they hate, even the things that makes them tick, but, you still end up shorthanded when it comes to trying to come up with a nice gift for them. Well, one thing’s for sure, everyone loves to travel, everyone loves to go out of town, and everyone definitely loves to carry their belongings when embarking on a long journey, especially your employees. You may have caught a glimpse of this during one of your team building trips. With that in mind, a backpack may just be your most viable option as a company-wide gift. Not only is a backpack useful for carrying huge amounts of items, it would also be durable enough to hold those items in one go.


2. Pouch Bags
Now, from the big-sized up to the small variety. Pouch bags are somewhat of a “mixed bag.” On one hand, they wouldn’t really be big enough to carry a huge amount of items, on the other hand, they would just be enough for your employees to carry some of the smallest valuables that they have. This may prove useful, especially when they have keys to carry around. Pouch bags are perfect for carrying keys, think about it. Instead of hanging them in a lanyard necklace, where they may be yanked, or worse, fall into a ditch once the unreliable lanyard snaps out of nowhere, they may keep the keys within their pouches, where they may be retrieved again without hassle. Aside from safety, pouch bags are also stylish, giving way for employees to enjoy their mini bags via various color or design choices. If you want to keep your office giveaways too professional, a single color and an emblem of your company may just be enough for your liking. Nonetheless, your employees would greatly appreciate the gesture.


3. Laptop Bags
One of the most useful items that you can give your employees, laptop bags are more of a necessity nowadays, rather than a fashion statement. People in the corporate world would need mobility, and they’d need their laptops with them, containing all of the important files and deliverables for the day. Now, laptop bags would be a wise investment for employees, in order to contain and to protect their prized work possession. If something were to go wrong (with the laptop falling to the floor, for example) all of those important soft copy documents would be lost, leading to an unnecessary halt in productivity, and no one would like that, especially a company head. So, if you are in the position to decide on office giveaways, do both your company and your employees a favor and give everyone a laptop bag. Stylish enough to be carried around and durable enough to protect the laptop itself. Take note that different laptops models may vary in size, so you may need to observe which specific model most of your employees would around. It would be much better for you if you were to gift them individually, so no one gets left out with a much bigger or smaller laptop bag.


4. Travel Cases
Somewhat similar to the backpack, travel cases are huge containers for carrying a whole lot of travel necessities. However, unlike the backpack, travel cases do not need to be carried around all the time. Here’s the thing, people often pay for accommodation whenever they’d go out of town. Once they are settled, they would take their backpacks and travel pouches with them, leaving behind the travel case at the comfort and safety of their rented accommodation. Most of the time, travel cases are brought to contain extra clothes and souvenirs once the vacation is about to end, which is why they are mostly kept within hotel rooms, so that the vacationer can pick them up after every trip. If your company usually goes on an out-of-town trip, then by all means, feel free to gift your employees with this gift option. Save them the hassle of trying to pick out their own travel cases from crowded malls and show them that you care about their love for trips.

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5. Go Bags
First of all, what are “Go Bags?” The following is an official definition and description given by a safety-oriented website:

“Go Bags” are basically emergency-preparedness bags that you pack in advance, but hope you may never need. These bags are useful during emergency situations and hasty evacuations. The emergency kit should be self-contained in one small or medium-sized bag and should contain enough non-perishable food and potable water for you and your family to last several days. The other important things to pack within the Go Bag should be tools (like a flashlight and a Swiss Army knife) and some extra clothing and blankets.”

As an employer and head of the company, your employees are your responsibility, and their safety and welfare should be at the top of your list. Prepare them for emergency situations and gift them a Go Bag.

If you’re still looking for more corporate gift ideas, feel free to check out Gift Solutions, the leading supplier of corporate giveaways in the Philippines. Whether it is a product launch giveaway, a corporate event souvenir, a sales rally memorabilia, a holiday or Christmas gift, Gift Solutions’ products are designed with elegance, sophistication and simplicity — all within your budget. For more information, you may call their hotline at + 63 2 8637 8641, or send them an e-mail via

Your Weekend Delights


After an exhausting week, everyone deserves a relaxing weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are usually reserved for your hobbies and pastime, understandably because they are the things which saps out stress from the previous workdays. More often than not, people like to spend their weekends outdoors. Some like to watch movies, some like to shop at those fancy apparels stores, some like to meet up with friends, while others also spend it inside the gym. But if you’re not that type of person, perhaps you’re more accustomed to spend your weekends indoors. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. It actually saves you time and money, as spending time indoors would save you the hassle of going through traffic, and yes, sometimes, it’s as worst as the weekdays, as other employees would also spend their time outdoors, hence, their cars and commute transports filling up the streets unfortunately even on a Saturday or a Sunday. With that in mind, you probably have a weekend plan indoors which may be enough to help you relax. If you still do not have one, however, no worries, as we have prepared a few relaxation ideas which you can also do indoors. The cherry on the top is that there are amazing accompanying items which may help you achieve just that. Here are just a few examples:

1) Letting in the grooves.

Nothing helps a person relax better than music. At work, you may find yourself humming along to a tune which may have caught your attention, and you hum it throughout the day, until you finish your tasks. Music does something to people that other forms of entertainment can’t. It somehow leaves you in a trance, a positive one, which takes your attention away from the stress and outside factors which may be causing them. It helps you focus on the tasks at hand, it helps you look ahead to a positive outcome which you haven’t even seen or planned out yet. Of course, it is no different when you’re relaxing at home, firing up a Bluetooth speaker and playing the same tunes from your cellphone. Speaking of which, Bluetooth speakers have become somewhat of a staple among music lovers in the previous years. It is something of a status symbol, for the most part. If you have one, people may see you as outgoing and carefree, which isn’t bad in any sense. Creative and fast-thinking people who appreciate all genre of music are some of the nicest people in the world, so you must be proud. If music is what helps you relax, a Bluetooth speaker would be your tool of the trade. We may recommend the Good Vibes Bluetooth speaker, a compact version which packs the same amount of great sound quality that other hefty ones may also offer. Chill out and have fun with the tunes.

2) Savor the smoothie.

For others, relaxation is best defined with a great drink. Some people like coffee and other forms of drink with a strong punch of caffeine, but seriously, are you still going to drink coffee if your main goal for the weekend is to relax? Coffee is for bringing you off your seat, after all. No, you’re better off drinking fruit shakes on the weekend. It actually revitalizes you the way that health drinks should. Its helps you build up nutrients in the short amount of time that you only have during the weekends. Stress may have caused a loss of nutrients along the way (yes, that and working late hours would do that to you), so better rely on fresh products to do wonders for your body. If you have no knowledge of efficiently making smoothies and fruit shakes, there are online video tutorials which may help you out. It may not come out as those in the tutorial videos, but the end result would always be better than a caffeine-based drink. You may also have fancy glasses to drink on at home, but let us recommend you one which also helps the environment, overall. There is a certain set of item called the Save the Seas Tumbler Set, a set of ceramic tumbler and straws which was designed in support of the global campaign against single-use plastics. So not only would you be rejuvenating your body, you’d also help rejuvenate Mother Earth herself. It’s like an eco-friendly way of hitting two birds with one stone.

3) A fancy way to satisfy your palate.

If music and smoothies aren’t enough to help you relax during the weekends, perhaps we may add something more luxurious to that. How about a combination of wine and cheese for dinner. While it may seem like a couple dinner, it may also be enjoyed alone, thus, you can have the whole bottle of wine all to yourself. Isn’t that amazing! But aside from that, the cheese would be as wonderful when combined with the wine itself. A wine set may be useful to open up the bottle, eliminating any hassle from taking off the tight cork. Oh, and don’t forget the cheese as well, there are countless items you can work with in preparing this simple dinner, a cheeseboard, a cheese knives set, even the items which you may already have in the kitchen. If you want to add a certain theme of luxury to the whole thing, at least keep the cheeseboard all throughout, turning on the music and eating the whole slice from the board itself, while sipping wine and drinking the stress away.

With all of these in mind, you may want to share the wonderful experience of indoor relaxation during the weekends. If you happen to be the boss of your own company, these gift items may be an appropriate reward towards your hardworking employees who had poured their heart out in order to succeed with all of the business proposals this past week. Gift Solutions would be your best bet, in terms of corporate giveaways and customized gift items. For more information, you may check out their website at

The Gifts that Keeps on Giving

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There are certain gifts which brings out the best in people. A gift that keeps on giving, as it may. As an employer, it is your obligation to show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts and hard work throughout the years. An employee’s mindset has always been about achieving every task at hand, so you can just imagine the disappointment that may arise once all of their efforts goes to waste. If that isn’t hard enough, the lack of appreciation towards that effort may amplify the stress that may have already been there. An employer should step in during these times, not to fan the flames, but to extinguish it with fun and quirky ways to eliminate stress. As the company head, you are in charge of keeping employee morale at its peak, with fun events, weekend night outs, and even break time charades, if you can even fit that in. If there is a certain level of time constraint, however, you may be better off gifting your employees with items that may lift up their spirits in the long run. Items which they may or they may not be able to use inside and outside work. If you’re not familiar with any of these particular set of fun and quirky items, allow us to exhibit a few examples which your employees would surely appreciate:

1)A Card Case

Now, you might be wondering why a card case would be an important item to give your employees, out of all the many grandiose gifts that you may give them on the go. Here’s the thing, your employees are professionals, some of them may be in their late twenties, some may be well-over in their thirties or forties. They have a life outside of work, yet, the things they process during their personal time may involve a few items which they also utilize during their work hours; case in point, government IDs and credit cards. Nowadays, you cannot deny the negative impact of hackers and online scams. You have your employees running office errands, using their details and IDs and putting their identities on the line in favor of the company’s continuous functions. If ever something were to happen to their details, you can bet that it would cause distress among them, affecting their work and performance. As an employer, you may hit two birds with one stone. During free time, you may gather them up for a presentation and lecture against identity theft and personal details hacking, using the card case as a giveaway after the presentation. These card cases aren’t to be laughed about either, they are able to prevent physical damage to your cards and RFID hacking at the same time, even keeping your employees Beep cards safe and sound. Showing your employees that you care about their privacy and personal details says so much about your drive towards helping out your employees in the long run, boosting morale and positive outlook in the workplace.

2)A Water Bottle

Well, when we mentioned that your employees also have a life outside of work, we may have been referring to how they spend their time during the weekend. Some may prefer to shop in malls, some may prefer to watch or stream movies at home, while there are also those who would prefer to dine out with family and friends. Understandably, while these activities may seem fun, they do not really contribute to the overall health of your employees. Work during the weekdays can get rigid and tough, and a healthy body would definitely be the deciding factor on whether your employees would make or break the deal. As an employer, it is also your obligation to make sure that they stay fit and healthy inside and outside of work. Of course, you have to respect their privacy and whatever activities that they may have on their free time, but in one way or the other, remind them that a healthy body does wonders, even beyond their current work, it may help them achieve greater things for both their career and personal life. A durable water bottle would somewhat send that message if you’re embarrassed to tell them verbally. The thing is, as much as you care about your employees, a verbal advice may be taken negatively, insinuating that you were talking about their figure (which is commonly the case when health is discussed at work). A water bottle would be most useful when they decide to hit the gym or the hiking road. Workouts usually tend to cause perspiration, hence, why the person doing the routine should rehydrate every once in a while in order to replace those lost fluids. While it may seem like a simple gift, remember that it would also send a message of concern towards your employees, not just about their work performance, but also about their health overall.

3)A Stress Ball

What better way to de-stress your employees then with something simple, yet very useful during those tight schedules. Stress balls are small, round, and colorful items which are used as an outlet for stress. Your employees may squeeze them to their heart’s content in order to get rid of the pressure brought about by deadlines. Think of it as a lightning rod, absorbing all of the headaches and other body pains which may have accumulated during workdays, leading up to the major presentation. They come in customizable colors, adding to the fun, quirky nature and use of the object itself. The best thing about this is that, as simple as it may seem, stress balls are quiet useful. A simple office banter during breaks would add to the fun of playing mini basketball or golf in the break room. You can also pass along messages, attaching sticky notes and tossing it around, contributing to that de-stress process of running the office. This form of gift would somewhat show your fun side as an employer as well, knowing when to become strict in the face of a tight deadline and loosening up once everything has been accomplished.

If you’re still looking for more corporate gift ideas, feel free to check out Gift Solutions, the leading supplier of giveaways in the Philippines. Whether it is a product launch giveaway, a corporate event souvenir, a sales rally memorabilia, a holiday or Christmas gift, Gift Solutions’ products are designed with elegance, sophistication and simplicity — all within your budget. For more information, you may call their hotline at +63 2 631 5911, or send them an e-mail via

Vacationing, Eco-Friendly Style this 2020


A new year, a new decade, a new leaf. It’s always great to live through the decades, knowing that we have more wonderful things ahead of us. May it be a promising career, a wonderful family, a peaceful place to come home to, the positive prospects are endless. However, there is one concern which has been making the rounds, and is arguably one of the never-ending issues faced each year by people worldwide – our environment. Pollution, global warming, flash floods, and calamities. They say that what goes around comes around, and Mother Nature’s power has been devastatingly felt by everyone a couple of times this past decade alone. People aren’t careful about the items they use, those which they throw after every use, and the repercussions after that. This is mostly evident during the holidays. People are enjoying their vacation, taking snapshots and sipping from their soda cans, after which they’d just leave the can on the sidewalk then go back to their hotel. It truly is appalling and is an evident sign that people need to change for the better. In such case, what better time to implement that change than now? It is a new decade, after all. New Year resolutions are what it’s all about, and a definite change in the way people use and dispose of their items would eventually result to a positive effect in the environment. This can be done, even in the simplest of ways. As a matter of fact, using alternatives to the items you already use on a daily basis can even help with that. Better yet, the items which you can bring on vacation also has their specific variants. If you don’t believe us, here are just a few examples:

1) Reusable Straws

One major contributor of waste is plastic. Plastic bags, plastic cups, and worst offender of them all are plastic straws. Single-use straws make up a particular portion of the garbage which can be found in the ocean. Understandably, people use straws almost on a daily basis, due to the fact that all beverages offered in fast food chains come with straws. On a single order, a customer may even request for more straws, in case he or she would like to share the drink with friends. This is definitely evident even in tourist spots, where restaurants and food stalls also get in on the action with the disposables. Luckily, reusable straws were introduced in the recent years to combat excess plastic usage. Reusable straws come in two forms, one is a food-grade metal and the other is a rubber/silicon type. Both of them can be carried in a convenient pouch, much like your toothbrush, so you can bring them anywhere you like, even in the most exotic islands or the most isolated mountain range. You’d never have to use another disposable straw again, ever.

October 1 (1)

2) A Travel Bottle

While we’re on the topic of straws, remember that it doesn’t just end there, as there are other plastic disposables, after all. Single-use plastic bottles from supermarkets are somewhat of a fickle subject when it comes to making things eco-friendly. On one hand, you have something compact that would provide you with a cool refreshment whenever you’d need it. It would make things convenient as you go through your workout and beach sidewalks, being lightweight enough to be carried in your backpack. On the other hand, however, when a single-use plastic bottle has long passed its usability (crumples, holes, and whatnot), the way that it would be disposed would majorly affect the ecosystem of an area. A plastic that is thrown unceremoniously would accumulate,causing long-term harm on the environment. Other municipalities would usually gather plastic wastes and repurpose them into building materials such as hollow blocks, but the number of these recycling plants are far and few. This certain problem can be solved with a travel bottle. Travel bottles are compact, yet durable and reusable than the usual single-use plastic bottles. Also, unlike the run-of-the-mill single use bottles, they can last for a lifetime with no foreseeable damage and wear and tear. Think of it as a more ecofriendly alternative to the ones that you can buy at the convenience store. In terms of your preferred content, you can put in protein shakes and other forms of refreshments in order to cool down within your preferred tropical getaway.

3) An Eco Bag

If you’re looking for a bigger option which you may carry around, then an Eco bag may just be the right choice for you. Eco bags are made from tough materials, which can hold an appropriate amount of items; useful, especially for those vacation days allotted for buying souvenirs. Of course, souvenirs and tourist memorabilia do not always come in the form of keychains and threaded wrist bands. Some are a lot bigger than those, not to mention, heavier, such as a mini statue of the country’s landmark, for example. If you are going to buy a bundle for your loved ones back at home, a strong Eco bag should do the trick. If you’re worried about carrying an Eco bag clear as day throughout your trip, don’t worry, as there is a variant which you can roll and tie up, compact enough to fit in your shoulder bag. The Sandy Eco Bag, for example, features this very same compact tie that unfolds into a useful bag whenever you’d need it. It also comes in multiple colors, so you’d at least be able to match your Eco bag with your outfit on the beach. This would also eliminate the need to purchase or ask for plastic bags, thus, lowering the number of disposables you’d be using for the whole trip.

With all of that being said, hopefully, everyone would include an eco-friendly resolution in their list this 2020, and proceed to consistently act on it. After all, the environment will always be connected to people. Without it, humans would have nothing to depend on. By the way, if you happen to be interested in any of the items mentioned above or are hoping to gift others with these eco-friendly alternatives to everyday disposables, than look no further than Gift Solutions, the top provider of customizable gifts and corporate giveaways in the Philippines. For more information, you may visit their website at

Cheers for Challenges!


A workplace victory is best defined by the milestones accomplished by a hardworking employee. In such case, each celebration should be appreciated by a reward that would not only show appreciation towards said employee, but also boost morale in the process. This holds true, especially in the corporate world. Everyone wants to succeed, everyone wants to be recognized, but at the end of the day, only a few would stand out from the rest, which is why the reward should be as prestigious and eye-catching as the reputation of the company itself. If a victory were to be celebrated, the victor would go on to improve his or her next performance the next time a major project were to be provided. For those who didn’t make the winner’s pedestal, they’d be inspired to continue working as they witness that every effort is repaid, no matter what. If you happen to be the boss or manager of a company, it would be wise to show your employees that their efforts and milestones do not go unnoticed, that you understand the hardships that they go through just to get to work on time, and that they are a major asset of the company, above all. In such case, here are a few suggestions in doing just that (by gifts, of course):

1) A Celebratory Award.

Milestones do not always need to translate into weekly, monthly, or even yearly work achievements. Some milestones are reached when an employee, for example, has lasted within the country for a decade or so. Call it more of an anniversary achievement, to be able to stay loyal and hardworking within a company for many, many years. Especially in a world where self-growth is a major priority of all, the amount of employees who prefer to stay within a single company for more than a decade is little to none, and an employee who has stuck within a single institution or company is quite impressive. Perhaps they see growth where others have seen stagnation, perhaps they have a sense of responsibility to the company itself, or perhaps they just really love working there. Nonetheless, it is a milestone which should not be ignored by the management as a whole. A celebratory award may come in many forms, but the most common ones is through a token or symbol that signifies the achievement itself. A token given to celebrate a whole decade or so of employment would be the cherry on top, as there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing one’s name within a mini-pedestal of the company, emblazed with either gold or silver, and carries the company name and logo


2) Carrying the company name.

Achieving milestones within the company is already a good enough feeling (reaching your monthly quota, being employee of the month, etc.), but being recognized as one of the vital wheel that keeps the company running is a much better feeling altogether. The thing is, people need to feel that they are part of the team, not just employees who’d be ordered around all day. No, people need to be recognized for what they are worth, and an employee who feels that his or her company treats him or her like a family would yield, not only better results, but a consistent one at that. In such case, the ample reward should both be of premium quality and adorns the company name and insignia. If an employee were to carry around the “reward,” it would be a symbol of love and pride towards the company that they’ve spent countless hours on in improving and promoting. Items such as Meadow Mix Totes and a Bernard Day Book with a Pen, crafted with the company name and logo are a perfect example of these ample rewards.


3. Bottoms up to a grand success!

Some major milestones aren’t accomplished alone. Especially in a corporate setting, teamwork is a must, and the fact that each department has a responsible group assigned to a particular project definitely shows that there is never an “I” in team. In such case, group rewards are your go-to choices when it’s finally time to recognize the most outstanding team, may it be for reaching the quota for this month or for being an outstanding team within this year. It’s like a machine that is made up of other major parts, it simply wouldn’t run at all without the whole mechanism functioning in unison. In such case, a reward that would be fitting for the whole “team” would somewhat need a unique interface, a little something called a Cyrus Water Bottle. Cyrus Water Bottles are very symbolic, in the sense that they are mostly used for team routines and workouts. The fact that the department or workgroup were able to pull it all together and accomplish their given tasks is a good criteria worthy of this reward which signifies the true meaning of teamwork and efficiency. You may not have an actual sports team at your disposal, but, you have a team that works like a perfect mechanism, all doing their parts efficiently and on time. It is somewhat similar to how a sports team coordinates during the game. Without proper coordination, there is no chance of winning against a formidable rival team, much like how an office wouldn’t function without proper planning and communication against a formidable deadline or project. Gift your employees with Cyrus Water Bottles as a token of your appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to the champions of your office.

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Notes On-the-Go


Everyone needs a reminder. You may have been plotting out your New Year’s resolution even before 2019 ended. Now that we’re more than halfway done with the first month of 2020, do you still remember them all completely? If you happen to memorize them all, then good for you, but the truth is, not everyone has a very retentive memory. Understandably, there are a lot on everyone’s minds right now, not just the resolutions themselves, but also the insurmountable load of work which may have been left off in the recent Holiday season. With that being said, nothing would be better than to keep a handy reminder around. Reminders come in many forms. Most of us have them in our cellphones. There are apps which allow you to keep tabs on your work schedules and other important events. There are also miniature calendars which may be carried around in your bag and work files, but are you seriously going to carry a calendar in your bag? It’s the 2020’s, after all. No, you need something more efficient and lightweight, you need a sticky note. While that may have sounded a bit too simplistic at first, do not let that distract you from its various uses. Here are just a few examples:

1. An effective way to note down your work pointers.

Daily routine tends to do something to you that other forms of activity may not, it can make you bored, it can make you repetitive, it can make you complacent, too complacent that you’d make the critical mistake of not listing down your important schedules and deliverables. There are people who have the luxury of owning a planner, an organizer of some sort in which they can jot down their ideas and important work information. This would obviously be practical, if it weren’t for the fact that it takes up a huge bulk of space in your bag. You need something lightweight, something that you can carry around. You need something that would allow you to take your notes with you when needed and be nimble enough to stick on memory boards for when you need to share the information with your workmates. A sticky note would let you do just that. People tend to underestimate them since they always seem to be in one of those bookstore shelves that most onlookers would ignore, perhaps it’s due to their size. But remember, big things always come in small packages, and a sticky note is a perfect example of that.

2. A fun and creative way to remind you of your work.

We’ve already discussed about the convenience and flexibility of sticky notes when it comes to writing down important details, now it’s time to discuss about its non-conventional look compared to other blank planners. Reminders, especially about work details, tend to be dull most of the time. Do you ever find yourself lulling off to sleep during meetings due to the fact that you’re just spacing out on a blank document? White space and monotonous speaker voice aside, you are perhaps hoping to liven up your business meetings. A sticky note does something that a normal notebook or a reminder can’t. They can express creativity amidst the dull corporate routine. Have you noticed that “stickies” usually come in different colors? For the most part, it is for the sake of segregating important details from the least important ones, but aside from that, it also pops out from the normal white paper, which also indicates top priority deliverables from those which were written on plain, white paper. Go for something that catches your attention, not something that puts you to sleep.

3. A creative way to communicate.

Your usual office memo and announcements would usually come in a very formal letter form. For some, it’s just your typical paperwork or office document, something that you’d glance through once, screenshot or photo copy for the record, then proceed to pass to your workmate in the other cubicle. It’s just one of those routine paperwork that happens to get handed down every once in a while. For the most part, these messages are boring, plain and simple, it adds nothing to the interest of the employees. Some memos and announcements are even a mere sentences long, a few words for some, if the one announcing knows how to convey the context proficiently. In such case, a sticky note would be more up to the job than plain paper.

4. An eco-friendly alternative to using a whole page bond paper.

Sticky notes are a lot smaller than a bond paper. They are easier to stash away and dispose of when you’re done with the business details or pointers jotted down on them. The less paper you stash, the lesser garbage you’ll add to the environment. Of course, they are still considered garbage when thrown, but when you consider throwing away a bundle of used sticky notes than a bundle of used bond paper, the mound and size is considerably noticeable. Bond papers, while useful at most in the office, are not nifty to dispose of. Your office would need a shredder in order to dispose of them in a compact manner, especially if they contain confidential details. Sticky notes, on the other hand, are always easier to conceal.

These examples may just change your mind in choosing sticky notes for the office. If you do, however, already own one, then why not share these conveniences with others? If you’re the head of a company, a sticky note would be the perfect gift for those corporate events. We may suggest the Royce Sticky Flags as a go-to choice. It’s the best on the market nowadays and offered in high-quality. Gift Solutions can attest to that as the number one provider of gift items in both corporate and non-corporate events. Feel free to check out their website for more details:

A Healthy Resolution for the New Year

WATERBOTTLEIt’s the start of a New Year. A fresh start, a new beginning, a brand new decade. For the most part, you may have already had a successful and fruitful decade behind you, with the opportunity to keep the ball rolling. May it be with your career or meaningful relationships, you’d definitely want to look ahead to a brighter tomorrow, a brighter prospect. The question is, what if your recent decade had been somewhat of a subpar experience? What if this new start is your main opportunity to do something big for the many aspects of your life? What if you’re really planning on finally breaking out into the world beginning this 2020? Well, no worries, as we have a few suggested items, tools of the trade as you may call them, to help you start out the year right. These particular items, as simple as they may be, may be of a great assistance in the long run, well enough to make an impact towards your New Year resolutions. Of course, results may always vary, but regardless of your end goal for the year (and even for the decade), once done consistently, you’re on your way to a brighter tomorrow:

1. Start the day right.

Most of the time, people fret going to work. Most people do not want to go through hours long traffic, just to reach work at least fifteen to thirty minutes late. The thing is, it’s not just the traffic that people are worried about, it’s also the endless stream of commuters during the morning that adds to the whole stress. More often than not, the crowd simultaneously trying to catch a ride reaches a staggering amount, with not enough taxis to accommodate the huge influx of commuters. Aside from that, the outdated condition of the local transit isn’t helping with the whole situation, adding in a huge blow to everyone who even plans on getting to work on time. Yes, it is indeed a drag going through this very problem every morning, but remember, as bad as it may be, you still have the option to make things right. The biggest catalyst for stress and illness is always a person’s outlook on every situation. If you think that the traffic will always slow you down, along with the usual crowd of commuters, then in reality, they definitely would. But if you happen to give yourself a head start, for example, then everything may go smoothly on your end. A great resolution would be to never be late for work or any appointment again for that matter, and that may be accomplished by not binge watching on your favorite shows during weeknights. Get an early good night’s rest in order to wake up early the very next day, and be able to brew a fresh cup of coffee to energize you for work. Waking up early may sound simple at first, but it obviously isn’t (it never is, especially for those who aren’t a morning person). One main thing that may help you ease things up would be that fresh cup of coffee. Get yourself a coffee press set at the beginning of the year and see wonders unfold as the sun begins to rise.

2. Organize your daily activities.

The best way to translate this resolution would be to “write things down.”  More often than not, you may find yourself burdened with daily activities, work, travel, family, they can all get mixed up if you’re not careful. If that isn’t bad enough, you may forget an important thing or two in the scramble, thus, rendering your activity for the day incomplete. Be wise about your deliverables and write it all down. Getting yourself an organizer/planner may seem like a simple choice, but watch it do wonders for you. You can list down your work pointers, you can add in your family activities for the upcoming weekend, you may even jot down important events such as your kid’s birthdays and your other-half’s wedding anniversary. A notebook doesn’t entirely have to be about your work, after all. Remember, it is merely but a compilation of blank pages, its contents are going to be based of your daily life, and all of these would involve the most important details that you’d never want to miss. Some of these details may include keywords and definitions, but most of the time, they would include dates, months, time of the day, names, and even notes about the people you’d either meet with or are part of those day-by-day plans. You just have to elaborate on these details in order to keep things organized and clear. Never miss another beat again.

3. Stay hydrated.

It’s as simple as that. You may have been skipping on your daily intake of water this past decade, but now is the perfect time to change all that. Quit on sodas and alcoholic drinks, instead, for a fresh and undeniably perfect option. A person’s regular water intake per day should be eight (8) glasses or more, so start from there. We’re not just focusing on your daily intake at home or at work, we also dwell on your hydration during workout. After a strenuous routine, have time to take a breather, sit or stand, whatever you’re comfortable with, breathe in and breathe out, and drink to refill that lost body fluid. Remember to get yourself a durable water container that you can carry around all the time. You may opt for a water bottle, for example, a lightweight choice for people who are always on-the-go. Remember, dehydration has its negative effects on the body. You’re better off drinking from time to time, instead of letting all the food intake flow in without any accompanying fluids. They tend to build up, sugar, carbs, all of those nutrients which your body should be breaking down, they aren’t able to due to lack of water.

It is understandable to obtain all of them in one go for a more complete execution of your plans for the New Year. However, you may also gift them to others who you may feel would need all the help that they can get in order to improve their lifestyle this 2020. In such case, we recommend Gift Solutions and their fine lineup of customizable gift items. All of the items that we’ve mentioned (even those that weren’t) are definitely of high-quality and refined to meet the needs of those you are gifting to, may it be for corporate events or other personal celebrations. For more information, you may visit their website at

The Corporate Kris Kringles

december 2

The holiday season is finally here! Companies left and right are planning out their parties and are trying to come up with the perfect gift for their employees. Of course, giveaways are a staple of  corporate Christmas celebrations, which is why it is the organizer’s job to make sure that everyone will have a good time with the program and that all of the employees would receive a great amount of giveaways and loot by the end of the night. May it be an elegant gift or a simple one, corporate giveaways should at least feature two main things, functionality and convenience, and both should be in favor of office activities. In such case, no need to look any further than our list of appropriate gifts this upcoming Yuletide season. Take note that these following items are tentative, and every suggestion should still be consulted with your superiors at work, unless you are given the freedom to plan everything out in one go.

1 .)Stress Balls
Christmas parties, along with the other festive events held at the office for that year, are meant to loosen up your employees and co-workers. It should be a time for them to have fun, a time for them to relax, a time for them break the ice with the people from the other department whom they might have come across with, but haven’t spoken to throughout the workdays. Indeed, parties should be a relaxing time for the employees, which is why the very first item on the list focuses on that very purpose. Stress balls are very therapeutic in the sense that employees can “squeeze” away their concerns. The thing about stress is that they tend to bottle up inside a person’s mind, inside a person’s emotion, hence, why stress balls would enable them to vent out their possible frustrations through a simple squeeze. It might seem silly at first, but there’s a reason why even company executives always have a few of these in their pockets, they know the importance of letting off steam rather than bottling them up.

2.)Stainless Mug

One of the most obvious choice for a corporate giveaway would have to be something that enables your co-workers or employees to refresh every once in a while. Being able to have their morning, afternoon, or evening fix of coffee would allow them to stay awake and be alert during the most critical parts of the day. If hot drinks aren’t their thing, however, they may also opt for a much cooler alternative, perhaps an organic fruit blend for that healthy office boost? Or how about a nice cold sip of soft drink to get that tiny dose of caffeine and sugar? With a stainless mug, the recipients would have options due to it being compatible with either hot or cold beverages. Of course, you may opt to consider the size of the container, as some of the employees may have liters in mind instead of a few ounces, but regardless, we can all agree that everyone needs their refreshments, and especially for those who would go out for meetings, a handy sturdy mug can do wonders for the day.

3.)Folding Umbrellas

Another obvious choice for a corporate giveaway, an umbrella is both fancy and functional, especially during the monsoon season. We can all agree that the Philippines has one of the most unpredictable weather patterns ever. Regardless of the weather reports earlier, you may find yourself running towards a shed due to the heavy afternoon rain, an unexpected occurrence in spite of the cool, sunny morning air. Perhaps it is just a mere indication of our tropical climate, hence, why employees should always be aware and ready when it comes to travelling outdoors. Part of the preparations should be bringing an umbrella for every meetings done outdoors. Not only would a nifty umbrella be a valuable tool to deflect the unwanted effects of the weather, it would also be a great opportunity to promote your company, as some umbrella manufacturers would allow you to customize and add in your logo, thus hitting two birds with one stone. Do keep in mind that the quality of the umbrella would also matter, as low standard materials would only flip the umbrella during strong winds. Aside from that, take note that we also specified this item as a folding umbrella, due to the fact that they are more convenient to walk around with, even compact enough to be put in your duffel bag during the trip.

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The Season of Giving


For employees and executives alike, nothing can be more exciting than the most anticipated yearly Christmas parties. Not only would it give everyone a well-deserved break from all of the hard work and stress brought about by deadlines and fierce negotiations, it would also be a perfect opportunity for co-workers to see what their officemates are like when not enclosed in a very professional demeanor.

The thing about parties is that people would be willing to show their wacky side, even amongst their most serious co-workers, further breaking the ice in an otherwise humorless setting. For the most part, fun is fun when the bosses decide to chime in as well, and all gloves are off to celebrate another Yuletide season. In lieu of this, nothing can provide more smiles in a company gathering other than gifts and giveaways.

Of course, it would fall on the boss and party organizers to decide which gifts would best fit the occasion, but if ever you’re one of the assigned committees to organize the whole thing and you have no idea whatsoever regarding the right corporate giveaways, worry no more, as we’ve enlisted a few suggestions for you.

1.) A Crafty Paperweight

While it may not be the obvious choice for an office equipment, paperweights usually do their job well, staying true to their purpose of setting documents in their place. No one wants to lose an important contract, no one wants to lose a valuable invoice, no one wants to lose those critical “minutes of the meeting.”

Yes, they may be considered as a lowly ornament at times, but even this lowly ornament does wonders that goes unappreciated most of the time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to give your employees something as boring as a circular rock, so instead, you’d go for one of those porcelain or plastic paperweights which comes in many designs and colors. Take note, however, that the boss or company executive may also have a say in this, so if ever they would want a customized paperweight with the company logo and color etched on it, then you may have to go for that instead. After all, the boss will definitely be always right.

2.) A Desk Calendar

Here something trivial, yet very functional that the employees would greatly appreciate, at least for the upcoming new year. A desk calendar would provide that well-needed reminder, especially if they’re the ones who are usually sent to outdoor meetings. Clients and business partners are meticulous when it comes to time, and what better way to show face then to show up on time, at the right date, at the right appointment. Marking down meetings in a calendar has been an act that has been done through the decades, with the rise of smartphones, people began to transition towards their “digital reminders,” but time and time again, studies have proven that information written down has a far better chance of being remembered than those which are merely typewritten. We also have to mention that desk calendar are customizable as well. You may even color code office events accordingly, this would of course have to be consulted with the higher ups of the company, since schedules should always be confirmed without further announcements and notices.

3.) Duffel Bag

Here’s something that employees would greatly appreciate, especially those who are sent to meetings almost on a daily basis. A duffel bag would greatly come in handy, due to the fact that it would be able to carry all of the necessities needed for the said appointment. An average employee would at least need to bring a cellphone, a pen and notebook set, the important documents for the meeting, a laptop, a wallet, and a flash drive.

These things may seem small, but if they were to be brought simultaneously in one go, the person carrying them would need a high-quality bag to contain them all. As a part of the organizing committee who would oversee the corporate giveaways, you may need to think about this carefully, a bag made of a strong, light weight material wouldn’t be too bad, especially as it would need to withstand the weight of the items being carried.

If you’re still looking for more corporate gift ideas, feel free to check out Gift Solutions, the leading supplier of Christmas corporate giveaways. Whether it is a product launch giveaway, a corporate event souvenir, a sales rally memorabilia, a holiday or Christmas gift, Gift Solutions’ products are designed with elegance, sophistication and simplicity — all within your budget. For more information, you may call their hotline at +63 8637-8641 to 42, or send them an e-mail via