A Mini Christmas: Pocket Gift Ideas for the Yuletide Season

Giveaways to Motivate

It’s not the size of the gift that matters, it would always be the thought that counts. This is true for the most part, as many of us are busy nowadays to even think up of a fairly sized gift for our loved ones, as a way to prepare for the upcoming holidays. In this case, any gift that involves glitz, glamor, and functionality would stand out the most, as long as it’s given straight from the heart. With this in mind, you might be trying to figure out what sort of gift would show your biggest appreciation towards them. Would ornaments suffice? Would the brand and model make up for the budget? Different questions, various gift ideas, and even lesser time to prepare (Christmas is just a 2 months away, after all). Well, set your worries aside as we’ve got you covered, with a few pocket-sized gifts that would really show your families, friends, workmates, and loved ones how much they mean to you.

1. A USB Drive

Modern problems require modern solutions. This gift really proves that big things comes in small packages. If the intended recipient is one to carry around huge data and important files for the whole duration of a work shift then this would be the perfect gift for them. Imagine all of the work reports, all of the contracts, all of the invoices, compiled and compressed into their soft copy versions. Ask around any student or employee, and they’ll tell you the very same thing – USBs are one of the most useful devices to ever graze a classroom and an office space. Of course, you’d have to avail high-quality ones, unless you want your recipient to have corrupted memory dilemmas all the time.

2. A Card Case

Out of all the things that your gift recipient may need, a card case may very well be one of it. This pocket-sized item wouldn’t only keep and organize all of their calling cards, it would also keep their ATM cards, valid IDs, and credit cards safe, especially during this modern era of financial scams. Some card cases even have a modified and enhanced casing, which keeps credit cards and ATM cash cards safe from RFID skimming devices. Of course, there are some who would prefer to avail a customized version for their loved ones, and there’s nothing wrong about that. By inquiring about the services offered by these card case shops, you may even get a wonderful deal, card case and customization packaged into one purchase.

3. Post-it

Another pocket-sized item that the intended recipient can use both at work or on-the-go. Let us tell you the significance of memo pads, first of all. While organizers and notebooks are the usual preferred items to write on during meetings, they are not really easy to carry around. Some hardcover versions of organizers are even heavy, and imagine carrying that around on a meeting-filled day. And let us not even get started on notebooks. Much like organizers, some of them are bulky enough to be called a paperweight. Another thing about notebooks is that they are meticulous to carry around, especially those which are not padded. To clarify, padded notebooks are those which ends are glued together, unlike those which are quilted. Most common notebooks are quilted and are a stubborn bunch, with the metal rounds in the end getting caught in fabric during crowded walks and elevator rides. Avoid the embarrassment and go for a memo pad. Easy to use, easy to carry around, and are practical to use, especially the ones which leaves are color coded (Post-it, in particular, have four main colors, pink, green, orange, and yellow). – avoid comparing item to notebooks and journals since these are also some of the items we offer.

4. A Ball Pen

What would a post-it be without a ball pen? You’d need something to write with, after all. A well-made ball pen would usually write on any form of page or surface, no problem. It’s the ink capacity that you will have to worry about. Here’s the thing about pens, the more you use them, the lesser their ink would be. In such case, a high quality pen would be a much better choice. Due to a) having a slower rate of ink blot, thus saving them in the long run, and b) and the well-made structure which would survive any accidental falls from your pockets. Some pens would even stop writing after a few falls, and they can be a real hassle, especially if you have a lot of pointers and reminders to write down after an important meeting.


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