6 Office Gifts to Make Long Commutes Easier

Office Gifts to make long commute easier

It’s never an easy task to commute. With the recent transportation conditions, one can say that there isn’t much convenience to expect, especially on long travels. However, you are given the option to make things easier, in spite of the grueling traffic and countless travel time. And why just stop there? You can be a lifesaver to others by presenting a few good gifts to make their long commutes easier as well. Here are just a few options:

1. A head phone
Yup, one way to pass time during long travels is to listen to your playlist of favorite songs. You may not realize it, but by the time you’ve gone through your plethora of albums, you’ve already reached your destination. A noise-cancelling head phone would be a great gift to your travelling workmates, especially when they’re assigned to do most of the business trips. May it be local or out of town, they’re sure to never be bored again in a lengthy travel.

2. A power bank
Business travels usually involve an employee communicating to his/her boss of the dealings from a long distance, via phone call or e-mail. In such case, their smartphones and tablets should always be charged, in order for them to continue their long distance reports and progress presentations. This is where a power bank would come in handy, as they would not only charge the devices along the way, but they may also serve as an emergency back-up source for energy, especially if the travels are lengthy.

3. A neck pillow
Of course, even business people need to catch their sleep. May it be on a plane or on a bus, it’s always uncomfortable to try to maintain a proper head position while sleeping in a seated position. Yes, some transportation seats are adjustable, but not all rides share such important feature. A neck pillow would definitely help avoid stiff neck in the long run.

4. A tumbler
Nothing is more important than getting rehydrated during your travel. Due to the long travel time, one may exert too much energy, and in turn, sweat out his/her inner fluids. This is the main reason why a tumbler may come in handy, as it would not only hold the cool beverage; it’s also spill proof, as secured by its air-tight lid.

5. A portable fan
Give them something to cool off with. Some public transportation units aren’t particularly well-ventilated at times, hence, people have to worry about the grueling heat as well. Especially here in the Philippines, a few hours of traffic, combined with the summer heat may deem too unbearable for commuters, hence, why a portable fan is a viable option. Some may be plugged in to a power bank, while others may also be attached to your smartphone’s charging dock, giving you hours of cool comfort within the trip.

6. A luggage with wheels
For both domestic and international business trips, this could just prove to be very useful. Not to be mistaken with big, bulky luggage, some modern luggages are portable enough to be easily carried, while containing enough space to keep an employee’s valuables safe and sound. This is one of the most obvious choice as it would not only be most functional for business trips, it would also be convenient to carry around, as some would have wheels, making them easy enough to be dragged towards your hotel accommodation and other destinations.
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