6 Must Haves for Your Employee Welcome Kit

Most human resources managers have stories of new employees that fell through because they got better offers, or because they got cold feet and decided to run off at the last minute. For most new employees, the first day can be exhausting. It’s important to initiate and maintain communication, so your new hire doesn’t become the “one that got away”.

The best way to make your new recruit feel like a part of the team is with an employee welcome kit. You should create an attractive company culture that makes onboarding fun and easy. The perfect employee starter pack should include the following:

1. Welcome letter signed by the team
Your welcome letter will say a lot about the personality of your company. For an elegant and formal touch, you could include a personalized message from the CEO. Alternatively, if you want to reflect a more fun and youthful vibe, you could enlist the help of the entire team to create humorous one-liners. The options are endless, so feel free to get creative.

2. Custom coffee mug
When choosing items to include in your kit, think about your employee’s day. Try to think of things they’ll likely use. A company mug, for example, is something they’ll appreciate. It’s likely that they enjoy drinking coffee, because who doesn’t? But if they’re on a caffeine-free diet, they can still use a mug for other beverages.

3. Company Pens
No welcome kit is complete without company pens. They’re easy-to-order and cost-effective. With so many thoughts on your new hire’s minds, a pen is needed for those moments when inspiration strikes and their electronic devices fail them.

4. Customized notebook
Company notebooks are an all-around favorite. They’re useful for jotting notes related to both personal and professional affairs. They also create a professional business image for your company.

5. Company T-shirt
Make it official! Welcome your new hires to the team by giving them custom T-shirts. Just like in sports, a uniform inspires teamwork and camaraderie. Plus, company shirts are an effective way to create a cohesive, polished, and professional look for your staff.

6. Staff Profiles
Staff profiles help your new hire get to know their new team members. When you meet ten to twenty people in one day, it’s hard to keep track of names and faces. In addition to contact details, employee profiles should also include areas of interest and hobbies. Your new hire will feel more comfortable if they already have something in common to talk about with their colleagues.

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