5 Types of Gifts to Give Your Employees after a Successful Work Project


The indication of being a good employer is that you’d at least know how to congratulate your employees for a job well-done. It’s automatic and well-expected, especially after a major deal had successfully pushed through. For the most part, it’s hard to come up with a good gift idea, many are already used to the cliché tokens of appreciation like mousepads or certificates. You try to ask around but receive the same old suggestions time and time again. Well, no need to look further, as we had listed 5 unique gifts to give your employees after a successful work project:

A Stress Ball/Therapy Sphere
Normally, you may catch a glimpse of your employees wincing and grabbing their hands after a long day of work in front of the computer. That is result of hand and fingers fatigue, something that may be obtained by typing for long periods of time. In such case, this would be a perfect opportunity for you, as the employer, to give them something that would ease their discomfort. Stress balls are miniature spheres, usually made up of either a hard, metallic material or a soft, squishy rubber which may be used to alleviate pain on both hands and fingers. They are considered therapeutic in the sense that they also help soothe the nerves, even just by rolling them on your palm. The best thing about this is that they aren’t expensive, so if you’re going to congratulate a whole department for a job well-done, you wouldn’t have to shell out so much.

A Powerbank
Here’s a good way to boost your employees back to action, after a long, successful work project. Let’s admit it, more work and productivity means more time needed to communicate with clients, may it be through meetings or through phone. When your employees are always on-the-go, help them “re-charge” their minds (and their cellphones). Nothing sends a better message to clients regarding the company’s dependability than with consistent updates regarding future projects, and nothing shows your employees greater appreciation than with a gift that consistently helps them all throughout.

A Space Pen
If your employees are the type to appreciate a well-made pen then this gift idea is right up your alley. Space pens are easy to carry and writes in multiple conditions, may it be upside down, under water, over grease, and even in harsh conditions. First used by astronauts in space, this is now sold in some outlets. The price may be a bit steep though, but if you’re willing to shell out any amount to show your employees that they have really done an excellent job, then by all means, give them this fantastic gift.

A Nice Bottle of Wine
Nothing speaks “congratulations” louder than a bottle of wine. Yes, you may mostly find them in luxurious dinners and fancy restaurants, but at least, your employees would appreciate how you went out of your way to a) come up with a unique gift and b) show them that their hard work is as valuable as wine at a grand gathering. The choice of wine is yours, just make sure that you’d check for any allergic reactions, otherwise, your employee/s may end up spending their night in the hospital rather than at home.

A Customized Mug
We know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this a bit cliché?” Well, mugs can never go out of style. Remember, your employees also love their coffee breaks, and what better way to show them how much they mean to the company than with a mug that says “The Best Employee, Ever!” Of course, your personalized message isn’t limited to that. You can even imprint their name on it, so as long as it’ll show great appreciation for their hard work and triumphs within the company.

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