5 Personalized Items to Turn Clients into Brand Ambassadors


For a business owner, it is a dream to have customers who passionately advocate for their brand, with the same kind of unwavering loyalty that bigger brands have.

Today, companies are more engaged and committed to their target market. However, there is still a big divide between those who love and advocate for a brand and those who simply use their favorite products or services out of a sense of habit. The goal for any business is to convert customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Assuming you are doing everything right for your customers – providing high quality products, services and customer experience, what else can you do?

Building a business is all about creating a good relationship between you and your customers. People love getting free gifts! Promotional product put the law of reciprocity to work for you. In case you are not familiar, the law of reciprocity simply states – give, and you shall receive. More often than not, giving a gift to a person promotes a feeling that he/she should do something for you in return. With regards to the purpose of this article, the giving of promo items to someone else will make him or her more likely to do business with you.

Now, we go to the struggle of choosing the right promotional gifts that fit your business. When thinking of what to give out, it is easy to get lost in a sea of possibilities. But here are a few pointers to keep in mind: what is the cost per person; is the item aligned with your brand and message; and lastly, will the item be useful. Remember, investing in something that will be valued, used, and seen will give you more promotional bang for your buck.

We’ve listed below 5 promotional gift items to jumpstart your mission of turning clients into your very own brand ambassadors

1. Mugs
Inject your brand loyalty into your customers’ lives with stylish, sophisticated promotional mugs. They will be promoting your brand every time they take a sip of coffee or water. Personalized travel mugs with your brand name and logo help your marketing and branding efforts, and at the same time create a positive experience for your clients.

2. USB Flash Drive
USB flash drives can be used for a wide range of purposes. The benefits are endless for a brand considering having USB flash drives as giveaways. Not only is this promotional item useful, but there is also a high chance that your customer will link it with their keychain. This means that your company logo and details are always on hand for your client should there be a need to reach you.

3. Water Bottles
Perfect for giveaways, water bottles are useful all the while featuring your brand. There are a lot of styles and materials to choose from, as well as a vast range of prices. Carefully consider these factors as you decide on which style to choose as your promotional giveaway for your customers.

4. Pen & Leather Journals
These products are one of the most versatile desktop promotional items that serve a practical purpose for its users. Whether for the office, school or home, your clients can rely on them for both personal and professional use. Their usefulness makes them such a great promo giveaway. They give your business quite an advantage as these items are something they hold onto. Come to think of it, every time they use your pen and leather journal, your brand gets instant exposure. Plus, since they are inexpensive, you can customize it in any way you want to.

5. T-Shirt
Nothing beats the old school promo merchandise – customized t-shirts. Almost all businesses use them and for good reason. They are a terrific way to share important messages and increase brand awareness. With a wide selection of choices and designs, a shirt can definitely meet your business’s promotional needs. From quirky designs to exclusive slogans to a variety of styles and colors, t-shirts are a creative way to promote your company and even convert one-time customers to loyal brand ambassadors.

It will definitely take a lot of work and commitment to turn clients into brand ambassadors, but once they feel loyal to your brand, they are no longer sensitive to price, and they believe that your brand adds intangible value to their life.

Image Source: https://goo.gl/LbbhmX