5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Office Moms

We all love our moms. They are the strong-willed, irreplaceable woman in our lives, always there to defend us and straighten us out whenever we’d need guidance. They are also one half of our home’s inner authority (the other half only belonging to our dads), the soft-voiced angel in our triumphs and the definitive tone of reprimand when necessary. With all of these in mind, it is important to mention that Mother’s Day is just around the corner again, and for our moms, nothing can be more heartwarming than the fact that they are well-appreciated by their family. What better way to show such appreciation than with good Mother’s Day gift? Here are just a few examples, especially aimed for office moms:

An office mug
The simplest and most obvious option would be the main container for their everyday dose of coffee. Ever seen one of those mugs which have the words “#1 Employee” etched on them? Why not go for one which would compliment her? You may opt for “Best Mom in the World” or “SuperMom,” the possibilities are endless. Some printing companies would even allow you to print photos on mugs, you might try giving your mom a mug with your family pictureon it.

Table accessories
A few things that could liven up an office desk would be a couple of table accessories. Items such as a pencil holder, a memo pad set, an organizer set, a framed family photo, and even a paperweight could add that well-needed color within a gloomy work day. If your mom has a particular preference in color or pattern, you may opt to avail a few items that would match just that, otherwise, you could also get creative and experiment with the color combinations that you think she’ll like.

A tote bag
Of course, our moms also know how to be stylish. They know how to blend fashion with function, and this is definitely one item that demonstrates just that. Choose a design that you know she’ll love and pick one which would complement with her everyday lifestyle. Is she the type of woman who carries a lot every day? Or does she prefer to carry just a few articles of items. Be aware of her preferences and you’d have a special gift in hand. Take note that some shops also offer various customizations on tote bags, may it be a Philippines-inspired “love local” design or a modern “chic” ensemble, you’ll have countless options to choose from.

An office back pillow
If your mom is someone who seats all day in front of a screen then you may need to look out for her posture as well. Save your mom from back aches and give her a back pillow as a present. Not only would they provide comfort, they’d also mold your mom’s posture throughout the whole day, just enough to keep her spine safe and comfy.

A desk clock
Remind your mom never to skip her meals and not to overwork for the day. A desk clock would be a good item to give, especially if you know that your mom is a workaholic, and that she sometimes loses track of her lunch break. This particular item is also customizable; some would even offer a desk clock with an attachable picture frame on the side.

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