5 Gifts That Your Employees Can Use both at Work and Home

Most of the time, employers would reward their hardworking employees with gifts that would deem very useful at work. Some may range from a shiny new stapler to a new workstation mousepad, nonetheless, they would be well-appreciated and handy at times of need. However, not all tokens of appreciation at work can be used at home, especially as they fall under the category of “office supplies.” In such case, a good employer must think outside the box in order to present a multi-purpose gift for their valued work assets. You may ask, “What good would that do for the company?” Well, consider this, not all workforce are present within the office, some are granted work-from-home privileges, while some are definitely assigned at field work, hence, gifting them with tokens which may only be used at the office would be counterproductive. With that in mind, here are 5 gifts that your employees can use both at work and home:

A Massage Set

Admit it, all the stress from work can really bring out that body pain, especially during a hectic week filled with deadlines and revisions. For the most part, your employees may be better off with a 5 minute stretching exercise, if that doesn’t work, however, what better way to reward them for a job well-done than with a massage set. Therapy spheres for the hands and a vibrating massager are just a few perfect examples. Allow them to loosen up their muscles during break, after all, body pain excuses no one, whether at work or at home.

A Suction Mug

Here’s the thing, everyone makes mistakes that can range from accidentally tripping someone in the halls to spilling your own drink on your keyboard. While you can get away from the former with a sincere apology the latter is definitely costly, considering the price of modern equipment and their paraphernalia nowadays. In such case, give your employees the gift that keeps on giving, a suction mug. It may not seem much, but it may save them from headaches in the long run. A good suction mug would at least keep their coffee in place while avoiding work mishaps due to an unexpected spill at the workstation, whether at home or in the office.

A Cable Management System

We know what you’re thinking, “I don’t work at the I.T. department. Why would I even need this?” Either that or you’re probably going to say, “I’m granted work-from-home privileges. I don’t need this.” Here’s the thing, keeping your workspace organized involves not only the things on your desk, but the things below it as well. Your whole day’s work may be gone in seconds, just because you unexpectedly tripped on the computer cable near the end of the shift. Never make this critical mistake. Cable ties and colored cable tags are very useful, especially if you want to have a smooth workflow for the whole day. No need to get confused with the wires below your desk, as they would be all well-organized and appropriately labeled.

A Small Plant

This one definitely transcends office space, as plants are well-needed at all locations. Aside from the fact that they keep the air clean, they also fend off unwanted insects and pest (you can definitely look that part up in the internet and be amazed at the wonderful work done by plants). Green thumb aside, you can even gift your employees a cute little cactus, no need for water, just something green to cheer up the gloomy atmosphere at the workspace.

A Coffee Set

It doesn’t matter if your employees are work-from-home or assigned at the office, they would greatly appreciate the energetic chill brought about by coffee. This is a perfect gift to give your employees, as caffeine deflects the stress brought about by deadlines and work pressure. One set can definitely offer more than a single cup or serving, as one already contains a small bag of beans, good enough to last for a few days or weeks. You can even match this with the aforementioned suction mug, a perfect combination for a hardworking employee.

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