4 Types of Gifts that your employees can use for the rainy season


The rainy season is one of the most anticipated seasons in the Philippines, as not only does it cool down the warm-tropical weather, it also marks the beginning of a colder climate within the country. But anticipated as it may be, many are still wary of this weather’s negative effects, particularly, those employees who are always outdoors for field work or meetings. Yes, the summer season may have produced some of the hottest days of the year, but at least employees were still able to travel towards client meetings without the fear of getting drenched. As an employer, you can assist them in getting through the rainy season safe and dry, you just have to provide a few well-timed corporate giveaways. Here are a just few examples:

1. An Umbrella

Making the top of the list, an umbrella transcends its use way beyond the current season, as it can help deflect both the cool, drizzly rain and the scorching summer heat. You also have the option to customize the umbrella, adding the company name and logo, so that your employees can show off the company brand. You can even choose from a wide variety of colors (plain or combination), something you’re your employees would greatly appreciate, as they can walk through the rain in style.

2. A Customized Raincoat

If your employees are comfortable in carrying the company brand with pride, then why not give them a customized raincoat, fit for any rainy day. You have the option to print the company name and logo on the raincoats (proper positioning is the key) while giving your employees the freedom to choose their own colors and sizes.

3. A Waterproof Cellphone Case

Nowadays, you’d find your employees mostly taking notes on their cellphones. This is very convenient, as it eliminates the need for bringing bigger bags to work just so they can carry both their notebook and their gadget. However, the rainy season puts their phones at risk, as most of them aren’t made to withstand the slightest touch of liquid. A waterproof cellphone case would prevent any short circuit damages due to water entering the device. This gift in particular would be most appreciated by your employees, as not only would it protect their phones, it would also protect their main tool for the job.

4. A Waterproof Backpack

If you want to give your employees something that can contain all their stuff, then waterproofed backpacks are your best option. You don’t even need to complicate on the design and color, as a plain, black backpack which can deflect rainwater and protect their most-prized possessions is as good as any umbrella that would keep your employees safe and dry.


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