4 Premium Gifts to Welcome Back an Employee after a Long Vacation

Whether they’re on a vacation leave, a maternity leave, or a very long sick leave, showing your employees that you care for them even while they’re gone indicates more than just care, it also shows that they’re an integral part of the company, someone who completes the core group as a whole. While a simple card would suffice most of the time, it may be too cliché and overused, something that you’d want to avoid. In such case, you may want to present a unique gift, an unforgettable giveaway, a high-valued token of appreciation. If you’re all out of ideas, then look no further than our list of premium gifts to welcome back an employee after a long vacation:

A Universal Travel Adaptor
You might have heard of the hassles brought about by long travels. Long lines at the airport, vacation promos not living up to expectations, and lack of compatibility when it comes to power plugs. The first two are common stories among travelers, hence, they’re the most expected out of all the other hassles, but the third one is something that catches vacationers by surprise. In spite of all the promised amenities, international hotels follow a standard set of wall sockets, depending on their country. This makes charging your cellphone a chore, due to the fact that the charger may not fit the socket. Universal travel adaptors would eliminate this hassle, providing you free reign, regardless of your needs (cellphone charge, power banks, etc.).

A JED Drawstring Backpack
Here’s something that your employee can use in their next vacation. A drawstring backpack would seem, not only economical, but also very convenient. No complicated zippers and straps here, just a simple backpack where they may readily put their stuff in. This works best for those beach side trips, so if ever you catch wind of your employee planning to swim in the Bahamas in their next vacation then this would be a perfect giveaway.

 A Pen and Journal
Your employee may catch a sudden drift of ideas while on vacation. Entertain this thought by giving him/her a pen and journal, something that they can use in their next long vacation. A Bernard Day Book with Pen usually matches this particular product line, hence, you wouldn’t need to go far looking for the right gift. This may not seem advantageous for the company at first glance, but these vacation ideas may help out the system and office culture in the long run.

A Personalized Mug
This may be one of the obvious choices when it comes to corporate gifts. A personalized mug doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be embossed with an image of the employee, that would be overdoing it. Instead, the name of the employee would appropriately suffice, presented in a modern or classy font. People love their daily dose of coffee, hence, this is a must-have for your employees as well, aside from the usual pen and memo giveaways.

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