4 Must-have Items for the Rainy Season

Must have items for rainy season

The rainy season is one of the most anticipated seasons in the Philippines, as not only does it cool down the warm-tropical weather, it also marks the beginning of a colder climate within the country. But anticipated as it may be, many are still cautious of this weather’s negative effects, and a heavy rain gives no exemption to either daily commuters or indoor residents. Yes, the summer season may have produced some of the hottest days of the year, but at least everyone could still travel outdoors without the fear of getting drenched, neither would anyone even need to worry about flashfloods making their way into their homes. However, there is no need to worry, as there are countless items that people can use during emergency situations this rainy season. Not only would they guaranty their users a smooth, dry commute, they would also provide safety in the long run. Here are a just few examples:

1)  An Umbrella

Making the top of the list, an umbrella transcends its use way beyond the current season, as it can help deflect both the cool, drizzly rain and the scorching summer heat. Widely regarded as one of the most basic, yet, functional item in human history, an umbrella would at least last long enough to fend off a few years of unbearable heat and unexpected rains. Think about it, every community outreach encourages the use of an umbrella, even at the slightest weather change. Of course, it wouldn’t do much during heavy monsoons, but for light showers, it would at least keep you dry when walking towards your SUV terminals or school service.

2)  A Power Bank

Make sure that your gadgets are fully charged during emergencies. The force of nature doesn’t really wait around for everyone’s cellphone batteries to reach a 100%, and may decide to knock out the local power lines in the process. This is where a power bank may come in handy. A multi-purpose power bank is the most appropriate handy tool during brown outs, as it not only charges your cellphone, it may also function as a mini-flashlight, good for those evacuation sequences.

3)  A Whistle

Small as it may seem, a whistle could actually save your life while in a calamity. Remember that scene from that historical movie, where the protagonist was about to be left behind after a shipwreck? Not only did the sound of her whistle catch the attention of the rescue team, it also lead them to her exact location. Imagine getting stranded on the top of your roof after a flash flood. Your whistle would alert volunteer teams to your whereabouts, leading to a successful rescue. It could also work both ways, with rescue teams using their whistles to let any nearby survivors know that help is on the way.

4)  An Emergency Kit

Possibly the most useful item in any emergency situation, an emergency kit already contains a whistle, a first-aid kit, a can opener, various packs of medicine, a safety knife, a strong strand of rope, a flashlight, and some even have their own power banks, thus including two other important items in this list already. Of course, depending on the kit type and brand, the contents may vary, but nonetheless, each will always have the basic necessities needed during emergencies, and the rainy season should be no different.


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