4 Corporate and Elegant Gifts for a Job Well-Done

Corporate and Elegant Gifts

Your company’s top employees only deserve the most elegant gifts in existence. Not only would it show sincere appreciation for their hard work, but it also shows that they are valuable assets to the company, both exceptional and irreplaceable. In such case, it is up to the company to come up with a gift that would match the excellent performance of the said employees, a premium prize for a premium performance per se. There are countless options to choose from, but if ever an employer isn’t sure of what to give, here are a few corporate and elegant gift ideas for a job well-done:

1)  Reusable Tote

The name may be a mouthful, but this premium bag summarizes itself into one word – elegance. Your top employees would surely appreciate going to the grocery in style.  No dull fashion here, as this is the perfect tote to complete that “organic modern” style. It’s also particularly sturdy and well-made, a perfect fit for all of the freshly-bought produce and foodstuff.

2)  A Bernard Day Book with Pen

Your top employees would no longer need to save countless merit stickers just to get a mere organizer.  Give them a Bernard Day Book instead, something that they can use to jot down business ideas, which may be beneficial to the company. It also comes with a securely fastened slim pen, so they may write down whatever they please on-the-spot. Did we mention that it is also customizable? You can imprint the company name and logo on both the book and pen, hence, your top employees can show off the company brand in style.

3)  A Coffee Press Set

Start your employees’ day right. Nothing energizes a day better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Your top employees deserve something better than ready-mixes after all, hence, why an elegant coffee press set would be the perfect gift for them. Gone are days when they would mope over overtimes and deadlines, the more energized and well-appreciated they are, the more they would perform exceptionally.

4)  A Cheese Knives Set

This may be the most out-of-this-world choice for an elegant gift, but think about it, aren’t we Filipinos identified as the most hospitable in the world? Which is why giving your top employees a cheese knives set would help them serve houseguests in style. If the set wouldn’t be enough for a night of cheese and wine, you may also offer cheeseboards in addition (available upon request), to add completion to that elegant evening.


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