3 Giveaways to Motivate Creativity Among Your Employees

Giveaways to Motivate

The office can be a bland, boring place at times. Especially on slow months, employees can very well spend hours in the office, sitting in front of their monitor screens, hoping for time to go faster. Indeed, things can get monotonous, only picking up once office tasks are on the verge of deadlines, and even that doesn’t really add anything new to the daily routine of desk work and meetings. This situation can be averted, however. As an employer, you can motivate your employees to bring out their creative side. In such case, corporate giveaways that encourage creativity would greatly help in the long run. Just think about it, these new, creative ideas from your employees may be utilized to further develop the company as whole. Here are just a few prime examples of these giveaways:

1) An organizer

Some of the greatest ideas ever known to man were written down in paper before they were even acted out in real life. So imagine if each one of your employees were given a piece of paper, the possibilities of them thinking up the “next big thing” would be phenomenal at best. But why stop with a piece of paper, if you can give them a whole notebook? An organizer would not only allow them to manage their schedules, it would also provide them with space to jot down their everyday ideas. This in turn can be beneficial for the company, especially if they come up with an idea to ease up everyday tasks, or simply to deliver it all more efficiently.

2) A Sketchpad

If organizers are well-fitted for corporate folks, then sketchpads are a sure-match for artists. For advertising agencies and graphic design companies, artists are one of the main source of their income. Without artists and creatives, these company types would not thrive, hence it is important for them to give free rein to their employees in bringing out (or sketching up) their ideas. A sketchpad would be a blank canvas for them to come up with their next masterpiece.

3) A Colorful Memo Set

Commonly known in the office as “post-its,” a memo set serves mainly as written reminders for the employees. They usually come in a plain yellow color, but newer iterations are sold in a variety of bright (and even neon) colors, motivating creativity among employees who are using them from time to time. Do your employees a favor and give them a corporate gift that keeps on giving. A memo set would not look as impressive as a bag or an umbrella (those of which are common company giveaways), however, it would encourage your employees to think outside the box when “posting” their reminders. Remember, your goal is to liven up their workspace, and brightly-colored stick-ons are a surefire way of doing just that.


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