Keeping Healthy This Rainy, Pandemic Season

The current pandemic has caused many changes in the past few months alone. It’s hard to believe that a single strand of virus can change the world, whether we like it or not.

With the start of the rainy season, a new challenge is thrown our way. As we all very well know by now, there are only two seasons in the Philippines – wet and dry. One minute it’s glaringly hot, the next it’s dizzyingly wet. It’s enough to throw your body’s defenses for a spin, and it’s no wonder that with rainy season comes the flu season.

This year, the flu season comes on top of the evolving Covid-19 crisis. While a flu shot would have easily solved the problem for us in previous years, we cannot say the same for Covid-19. At this point, prevention is the best medicine and a huge part of prevention is making sure that we keep our immune system healthy and strong.

With the many sudden constraints to the lifestyle we have long been accustomed to, we may find it extra difficult to keep our immune system up. It may be difficult but with enough creativity and discipline, it is not impossible. Neither is it rocket science. In fact, the habits to keep our immune system up has long been thoroughly enforced in us since our elementary days. So drilled it is in our consciousness that we can churn it out by sheer memory. Don’t skip meals. Watch what you eat and wash your hands before you eat. Don’t lose sleep. Exercise regularly. It’s a simple list that now, more than ever, we should all take to heart.

As a business owner or a leader in your company, the best way to navigate this crisis with is to take good care of your people. With so much uncertainty going around, it is most crucial to provide an environment of security for your employees. We have heard lots of things that are needed to protect the workspace from Covid-19. Go the extra mile and think of gifts that will help your employees keep their immune systems healthy. Most employees are now coming back to work, albeit a bit fearful. A welcome back to work gift would surely help set the tone as they try to ease their way into their new normal.

Welcoming your team back to work with gifts specially designed to keep them strong and healthy at a time where health is of the utmost importance is a message in itself. It speaks of their value to your organization at a time where they all need to be reassured. A thoughtfully designed gift need not be expensive, it just needs to be relevant. Here are a few ideas you can work with to welcome your employees back:

GE Umbrella_R1

1.  An Umbrella.
Due to the recent weather changes, people may experience a sudden offset of cold or flu. Under any normal circumstances, this may have been a usual thing, where the employee can simply take a time off in order to recover. But with the sudden occurrence of COVID19, heads will turn once an employee begins to cough. Glares of judgement aside, you may want to keep your employees fit and healthy for the foreseeable future. Giving them an umbrella would at least help deflect the unnerving heat or cool drops of rain, protecting them and their immunity. Another advantage when gifting an umbrella to your employees? You have the option to make it colorful. It may brighten up their mood during those dark, gloomy days.

2) A Cap.
A cap, as plain and simple as it may seem, would at least provide them that well-needed protection against the ever-changing weather. This also provides an extra layer of protection, as they would help both your employees’ face masks and face shields attach more firmly on their face. It’s a multi-functional gift, and that’s the best thing about it. Either way, it provides protection and comfort. Just like the umbrella, you have the option to customize this type of gift. Either, you may add the company logo, or proceed to choose a color that may bring out the company’s identity when worn.

3) A Tumbler.
Bottoms up! Everyone needs to rehydrate every once in a while. Water, as plain-tasting as it may be, would provide that well-needed rehydration for your body to function at its fullest. Cut down on the sodas, cut down on the milk teas, focus on your daily intake of water and fresh juices. A tumbler, when gifted, would proceed to send the message that your employees are welcome to drink to their heart’s content, it is exactly what we need right now. Rehydrating enables your body to absorb all of the nutrients that you’d receive from your meals. It also breaks down all of the fats and lipids that you’d gain from your oily meals. Cut down on that as well, if you may, and choose to chomp and gulp down on healthy alternatives to your food and drinks.

4) A Hoodie.
With rainy season comes cool weather. We may all love the break from the sweltering heat, but with cold season comes runny noses and flu-like symptoms. While this may have been a non-issue in previous years, it’s very much an issue now with the Covid-19 crisis. Keep your employees snug and warm with customized company or team-branded hoodies that they can wear comfortably and proudly whether it be in the comforts of their own homes, along the streets during their daily commute, or among team members in their workspaces. The free marketing won’t hurt you, either!

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Staying Safe in Our New Normal

The current pandemic has definitely made an impact in our lives, in more ways than one. Gone are the days of crowded commute towards work, monthly corporate meetings, and weekend night outs. For the most part, most of us have to stay at home, stay online, and stay vigilant. As with the current directives of the government, a majority of our urban areas are still off limits for travel, hence, why everyone’s still laying low at home. Now, if you happen to be the big boss of a large conglomerate or company, then perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you show your employees that you care about their safety and well-being. While our government and frontliners are in full force 24/7, in making sure that no one else catches hair nor hide of the rampant virus, we as the leaders of our company are still left to do our part, especially for our most valuable assets, our employees. In such case, once our current quarantine status changes for the better, all doors would be open for everyone to attend work on a more personal basis, and nothing would be more critical than maintaining everyone’s safety against an unseen enemy.

This is where protective gears and disinfectant items would come in play. Think of it as a way to welcome your employees. Indeed, the new normal also ushers in a lot of precautionary measures and policies, and what better way to implement and carry out these terms then with a couple of helpful tools to keep everyone’s health intact. Here are just a few corporate gift ideas that may fit the category:

Dark Mask_R1

1. A pack of face masks.

Face masks are synonymous with our new normal.  With the government temporarily mandating the use of face masks in public spaces, it is impossible for one to move around without a face mask in hand.  As such, it is important to keep workspaces safe on all fronts.  Providing employees with face masks that they can wear everyday to work is a good starting point in protecting them from the virus.  Ensuring that they wear their masks properly is entirely another thing to consider.  This can very well be addressed by providing employees with comfortable and breathable masks that will not hamper their movement, along with constantly reminding employees that the general safety of each and every member of the team far outweighs the slight discomfort of keeping the mask on.   While isolation has become a common theme for Covid-19, it may very well become a uniting point for employees as well.  Encourage your employees to work together in keeping each other safe from Covid-19, and it all starts with simply keeping their face masks on around the workplace and other public spaces.

2. Face shields.

Adding an extra layer of protection wouldn’t hurt, and this is definitely true when it comes to preventing an office outbreak. Along with facemasks, face shields would add that well-needed protection. A face masks would prevent the virus from being transmitted via cough and sneeze droplets, but that may not be enough to protect your eyes, as remember, COVID-19 may enter our system via eyes and nose as well. If you happen to touch an infected surface, then proceed to scratch your eyes or ears, you may be in for a nasty surprise a few weeks (or even days in some occasion) after. Yes, it may hinder air flow, yes, it may be hot, but these small sacrifices are vital for both your health and well-being. Staying virus-free is better than getting to spend days in the hospital.

3. A small bottle of alcohol.

Stocks may be running out, but if you happen to come across a well-trusted supplier, then by all means, feel free to provide your employees with a handy supply of rubbing alcohol. If there’s one main takeaway from our current situation, it’s that people learned to be more cautious and hygienic at the same time. There used to be a time when office workers would skip a beat in cleaning their own desks and canteen tables. They would even forget to wash their hands before and after meals. The thing is, COVID-19 is merciless against people who do not take the current pandemic seriously. If ever there would come a time in which office employees would be allowed to commute towards their office space again, be sure to orient them about the importance of washing their hands regularly, and disinfecting their workspace. Giving them each a bottle of alcohol may drive home the message, crystal clear.

4. A complete PPE kit set.

While your employees may not be the usual hospital frontliners that you’d see on the news every day, they are still facing the potential risks of infection each time that they’d have to commute towards work. If you really want to ensure the absolute safety of your employees, you have two main options. First, you may proceed with the usual workfrom-home agreement, with everyone staying low and online throughout the whole ordeal. Second choice would be having everyone commute towards work, but with the appropriate precautions set into place. That precaution would be better justified if you were to gift them with a PPE kit, complete and well enough to provide the needed protection against the unseen menace that is the COVID-19. A usual PPE kit normally contains two of our listed items (a face masks and a face shield), but on rare occasions, it may also contain a small bottle of alcohol or disinfecting solution. Other contents may include disposable gloves, antimicrobial wipes, a disposable gown, and a pair of disposable shoe covers, though the kit in question may come in another variation, depending on the type that you wish to give your employees. Nonetheless, it’s the complete defensive tool against the virus.

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