The Gift for Every Office Personality

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All of us are unique in our very own way. Especially in an office setting, there are various personalities which may or may not stand out during work hours, yet end up being evident and memorable within the office in one way or the other. In terms of personalities, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, what may work for one person may not work out for another, which is why it is important for an employer to know his/her employees, in order to identify their needs and preferences. It may not be a big deal at the beginning, but remember, boosting your employees’ overall morale should be your priority. Doing so would make them appreciate their work, would make them love their work, and would make them more motivated for upcoming work projects. In such case, everyone should be well accounted for. Now, one of the main ways to show your appreciation and understanding towards your employees would be through gifts and giveaways. It may sound simple, but remember, each one has their own personality, each one is differentiated by their own preferences, and giving them the right gift would show them that you’ve taken time to know them, that you’ve done your homework, and that they really matter to you.

Perhaps you need tips with regards to different gift types for different personalities. Well, look no further than our examples below:

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1. For the HR Mom
HR moms, what would we do without them? HR people, in general, are the very first people that you meet upon the beginning of your tenure within the company. They are the gatekeepers, in a way. They’ll be there to interview you even before your tenure begins, they are there to orient you once you’ve gotten through the interview process, and they are there to answer to your needs whenever you feel something off about your position. Now, not to stereotype, but no other type of HR comes close to HR moms. HR moms are experts in their field, due to the fact that they are already well-trained, in terms of taking care of others. Remember, they may be HRs at work, but they are moms at home. They know how to tend to other’s needs, hence, why they are good at listening to other people and responding with a very logical and practical solution. Think of them as the negotiators during tense situations. Now, tending to everyone’s needs may be too much at times, which is why a gift that would distress people would be perfect for HR moms. Stress balls are your go-to solution for distressing employees, and it may even help your HR personnel from letting off steam. Stress balls are minute round objects, either made from foam or rubber, which can be squeezed to its full extend, in order to let off stress. While this may be a common item within the office (stress haunts the corporate world, after all), no one else deserves them more than HR moms. Just think about the amount of hassle they’d have to go through on a daily basis, interviewing up and comers, listening to employee concerns, implementing new mandates from the higher ups, it may just be too much to handles, but not for them, not for HR moms.

2. For the Fun Sales Guy
There will always be such a personality as the fun sales guy. Being a salesperson requires a perky personality, something that liven ups the whole place. If you’re going to sell off a particular product or data to the clients, you need to be captivating, you need to be attention-grabbing, you need to be fun. The fun sales guy is a prime example of people who have the natural skill to make any person smile, while at the same time, convince them to buy off a concept. Now, fun as they may be, they are also susceptible to stress. They are often faced with the responsibility of selling an idea that sounds ridiculous at first glance, which is why their skill in communication would blend that idea right in with convincing data, in order to make it sensible. This isn’t an easy task, as these ideas would often be presented to finicky clients, people who do not take “time-wasters” lightly. The fun sales guy would translate these concepts perfectly in order for the client to understand and appreciate the innovations right in front of them, and they’d understand in a way that made them laugh, smile, and even leave the meeting room in tears (of joy). For the fun sales guy, no other gift may be more appropriate as a bobble head picture frame. Bobble heads are already funny in their own right, now, imagine adding the face of the fun sale guy in the mix, hilarity would ensue. Bobble head picture frames are normally affordable per piece, but if you have a group of fun salespeople, then they might come cheaper in a bundle. Gift the whole group, if you must, just as long as it’ll put a smile on their faces.


3. For the Chic Marketing Professional
Chic is the perfect word to describe something or someone that emanates radiance style and elegance. It isn’t often that you see this characteristic in an office personnel, unless you meet with the marketing group. The chic marketing professional is someone who knows how to carry herself/himself. The clothes, the apparel, and even the office accessory that they carry around would often indicate this. Now, it isn’t often that a chic marketing professional would run out of stylish clothes, and for a good reason. They are always in the know, know what sells and what doesn’t, know what makes a certain thing profitable or not, and these mindset are what makes them tick, so much that it crosses over from their personal life into their professional tenure (they are marketing people, after all). In such case, you may be wondering how tough it would be to gift them with something as elegant as their daily attire. Well, it wouldn’t be that hard, as a matter of fact. The thing about corporate gifts is that they already coincide with the chic aesthetics of the marketing professionals. We are going to cheat a bit here by suggesting more than one gift idea. Your first option would be a fountain pen. Fountain pens have always been a status symbol rather than a mere office accessory, and chic marketing professionals are aware of that. Sure, fountain pens may come in handy during important deals and contract signings, but honestly, the only people you’d find carrying them around would be executives and company heads. The second gift idea in this category would be a wine and cheese set. Chic marketing professionals have a luxurious way of celebrating once an important deal pushes through, and this particular gift takes the cake (and wine with it). A wine and cheese set usually include uncorking devices and mini cheese knives and chopping boards, perfect for those elegant dinners. Knowing that chic marketing professionals likes to celebrate in style, this would hit the right spot.

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5 Kinds of Bags to Delight Anyone

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Everyone loves bags. The style, the functionality, the materials that make up the whole ensemble, we like to flaunt our bags, a lot! However, bags are also unique in their very own way. The thing is, we are blessed with varieties of bags that we fail to appreciate them for their differences. Each bag is represented by its function, and there are times in which we fail to utilize them to their fullest, only giving notice to their fashion, inasmuch as being accessories for our everyday wear. This is even more evident within an office setting, where the bag itself should accompany the corporate wear as a whole. Of course, people would always prefer to look very professional and presentable at work (perhaps due to office policy), but oftentimes, there is still leeway to make the most out of your bags without sacrificing your looks. The thing is, once the main function of a bag is made evident, the understanding that it may stand out is already made acceptable. But you may ask, “Do varieties of bags really have different uses?” Well, of course, they do. Look no further than our examples and you might be surprised about their functionalities. If you’re the boss or the head manager of your company, the more that you should pay attention to this list, as you may be given an idea of what to give your employees the next time you’d have an office awarding ceremony.


1. Backpacks
Usually, when the word “backpack” is spoken, people often imagine a mountain climber embarking on a rough journey, either that or they envision a tourist enjoying a long hike in a grassy, foreign location. They aren’t wrong to think about these images, and as the head of your company, this may come at your advantage. You see, gift ideas are hard to come by. You may know the ins and outs about your employees, what they love, what they hate, even the things that makes them tick, but, you still end up shorthanded when it comes to trying to come up with a nice gift for them. Well, one thing’s for sure, everyone loves to travel, everyone loves to go out of town, and everyone definitely loves to carry their belongings when embarking on a long journey, especially your employees. You may have caught a glimpse of this during one of your team building trips. With that in mind, a backpack may just be your most viable option as a company-wide gift. Not only is a backpack useful for carrying huge amounts of items, it would also be durable enough to hold those items in one go.


2. Pouch Bags
Now, from the big-sized up to the small variety. Pouch bags are somewhat of a “mixed bag.” On one hand, they wouldn’t really be big enough to carry a huge amount of items, on the other hand, they would just be enough for your employees to carry some of the smallest valuables that they have. This may prove useful, especially when they have keys to carry around. Pouch bags are perfect for carrying keys, think about it. Instead of hanging them in a lanyard necklace, where they may be yanked, or worse, fall into a ditch once the unreliable lanyard snaps out of nowhere, they may keep the keys within their pouches, where they may be retrieved again without hassle. Aside from safety, pouch bags are also stylish, giving way for employees to enjoy their mini bags via various color or design choices. If you want to keep your office giveaways too professional, a single color and an emblem of your company may just be enough for your liking. Nonetheless, your employees would greatly appreciate the gesture.


3. Laptop Bags
One of the most useful items that you can give your employees, laptop bags are more of a necessity nowadays, rather than a fashion statement. People in the corporate world would need mobility, and they’d need their laptops with them, containing all of the important files and deliverables for the day. Now, laptop bags would be a wise investment for employees, in order to contain and to protect their prized work possession. If something were to go wrong (with the laptop falling to the floor, for example) all of those important soft copy documents would be lost, leading to an unnecessary halt in productivity, and no one would like that, especially a company head. So, if you are in the position to decide on office giveaways, do both your company and your employees a favor and give everyone a laptop bag. Stylish enough to be carried around and durable enough to protect the laptop itself. Take note that different laptops models may vary in size, so you may need to observe which specific model most of your employees would around. It would be much better for you if you were to gift them individually, so no one gets left out with a much bigger or smaller laptop bag.


4. Travel Cases
Somewhat similar to the backpack, travel cases are huge containers for carrying a whole lot of travel necessities. However, unlike the backpack, travel cases do not need to be carried around all the time. Here’s the thing, people often pay for accommodation whenever they’d go out of town. Once they are settled, they would take their backpacks and travel pouches with them, leaving behind the travel case at the comfort and safety of their rented accommodation. Most of the time, travel cases are brought to contain extra clothes and souvenirs once the vacation is about to end, which is why they are mostly kept within hotel rooms, so that the vacationer can pick them up after every trip. If your company usually goes on an out-of-town trip, then by all means, feel free to gift your employees with this gift option. Save them the hassle of trying to pick out their own travel cases from crowded malls and show them that you care about their love for trips.

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5. Go Bags
First of all, what are “Go Bags?” The following is an official definition and description given by a safety-oriented website:

“Go Bags” are basically emergency-preparedness bags that you pack in advance, but hope you may never need. These bags are useful during emergency situations and hasty evacuations. The emergency kit should be self-contained in one small or medium-sized bag and should contain enough non-perishable food and potable water for you and your family to last several days. The other important things to pack within the Go Bag should be tools (like a flashlight and a Swiss Army knife) and some extra clothing and blankets.”

As an employer and head of the company, your employees are your responsibility, and their safety and welfare should be at the top of your list. Prepare them for emergency situations and gift them a Go Bag.

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