Notes On-the-Go


Everyone needs a reminder. You may have been plotting out your New Year’s resolution even before 2019 ended. Now that we’re more than halfway done with the first month of 2020, do you still remember them all completely? If you happen to memorize them all, then good for you, but the truth is, not everyone has a very retentive memory. Understandably, there are a lot on everyone’s minds right now, not just the resolutions themselves, but also the insurmountable load of work which may have been left off in the recent Holiday season. With that being said, nothing would be better than to keep a handy reminder around. Reminders come in many forms. Most of us have them in our cellphones. There are apps which allow you to keep tabs on your work schedules and other important events. There are also miniature calendars which may be carried around in your bag and work files, but are you seriously going to carry a calendar in your bag? It’s the 2020’s, after all. No, you need something more efficient and lightweight, you need a sticky note. While that may have sounded a bit too simplistic at first, do not let that distract you from its various uses. Here are just a few examples:

1. An effective way to note down your work pointers.

Daily routine tends to do something to you that other forms of activity may not, it can make you bored, it can make you repetitive, it can make you complacent, too complacent that you’d make the critical mistake of not listing down your important schedules and deliverables. There are people who have the luxury of owning a planner, an organizer of some sort in which they can jot down their ideas and important work information. This would obviously be practical, if it weren’t for the fact that it takes up a huge bulk of space in your bag. You need something lightweight, something that you can carry around. You need something that would allow you to take your notes with you when needed and be nimble enough to stick on memory boards for when you need to share the information with your workmates. A sticky note would let you do just that. People tend to underestimate them since they always seem to be in one of those bookstore shelves that most onlookers would ignore, perhaps it’s due to their size. But remember, big things always come in small packages, and a sticky note is a perfect example of that.

2. A fun and creative way to remind you of your work.

We’ve already discussed about the convenience and flexibility of sticky notes when it comes to writing down important details, now it’s time to discuss about its non-conventional look compared to other blank planners. Reminders, especially about work details, tend to be dull most of the time. Do you ever find yourself lulling off to sleep during meetings due to the fact that you’re just spacing out on a blank document? White space and monotonous speaker voice aside, you are perhaps hoping to liven up your business meetings. A sticky note does something that a normal notebook or a reminder can’t. They can express creativity amidst the dull corporate routine. Have you noticed that “stickies” usually come in different colors? For the most part, it is for the sake of segregating important details from the least important ones, but aside from that, it also pops out from the normal white paper, which also indicates top priority deliverables from those which were written on plain, white paper. Go for something that catches your attention, not something that puts you to sleep.

3. A creative way to communicate.

Your usual office memo and announcements would usually come in a very formal letter form. For some, it’s just your typical paperwork or office document, something that you’d glance through once, screenshot or photo copy for the record, then proceed to pass to your workmate in the other cubicle. It’s just one of those routine paperwork that happens to get handed down every once in a while. For the most part, these messages are boring, plain and simple, it adds nothing to the interest of the employees. Some memos and announcements are even a mere sentences long, a few words for some, if the one announcing knows how to convey the context proficiently. In such case, a sticky note would be more up to the job than plain paper.

4. An eco-friendly alternative to using a whole page bond paper.

Sticky notes are a lot smaller than a bond paper. They are easier to stash away and dispose of when you’re done with the business details or pointers jotted down on them. The less paper you stash, the lesser garbage you’ll add to the environment. Of course, they are still considered garbage when thrown, but when you consider throwing away a bundle of used sticky notes than a bundle of used bond paper, the mound and size is considerably noticeable. Bond papers, while useful at most in the office, are not nifty to dispose of. Your office would need a shredder in order to dispose of them in a compact manner, especially if they contain confidential details. Sticky notes, on the other hand, are always easier to conceal.

These examples may just change your mind in choosing sticky notes for the office. If you do, however, already own one, then why not share these conveniences with others? If you’re the head of a company, a sticky note would be the perfect gift for those corporate events. We may suggest the Royce Sticky Flags as a go-to choice. It’s the best on the market nowadays and offered in high-quality. Gift Solutions can attest to that as the number one provider of gift items in both corporate and non-corporate events. Feel free to check out their website for more details:

A Healthy Resolution for the New Year

WATERBOTTLEIt’s the start of a New Year. A fresh start, a new beginning, a brand new decade. For the most part, you may have already had a successful and fruitful decade behind you, with the opportunity to keep the ball rolling. May it be with your career or meaningful relationships, you’d definitely want to look ahead to a brighter tomorrow, a brighter prospect. The question is, what if your recent decade had been somewhat of a subpar experience? What if this new start is your main opportunity to do something big for the many aspects of your life? What if you’re really planning on finally breaking out into the world beginning this 2020? Well, no worries, as we have a few suggested items, tools of the trade as you may call them, to help you start out the year right. These particular items, as simple as they may be, may be of a great assistance in the long run, well enough to make an impact towards your New Year resolutions. Of course, results may always vary, but regardless of your end goal for the year (and even for the decade), once done consistently, you’re on your way to a brighter tomorrow:

1. Start the day right.

Most of the time, people fret going to work. Most people do not want to go through hours long traffic, just to reach work at least fifteen to thirty minutes late. The thing is, it’s not just the traffic that people are worried about, it’s also the endless stream of commuters during the morning that adds to the whole stress. More often than not, the crowd simultaneously trying to catch a ride reaches a staggering amount, with not enough taxis to accommodate the huge influx of commuters. Aside from that, the outdated condition of the local transit isn’t helping with the whole situation, adding in a huge blow to everyone who even plans on getting to work on time. Yes, it is indeed a drag going through this very problem every morning, but remember, as bad as it may be, you still have the option to make things right. The biggest catalyst for stress and illness is always a person’s outlook on every situation. If you think that the traffic will always slow you down, along with the usual crowd of commuters, then in reality, they definitely would. But if you happen to give yourself a head start, for example, then everything may go smoothly on your end. A great resolution would be to never be late for work or any appointment again for that matter, and that may be accomplished by not binge watching on your favorite shows during weeknights. Get an early good night’s rest in order to wake up early the very next day, and be able to brew a fresh cup of coffee to energize you for work. Waking up early may sound simple at first, but it obviously isn’t (it never is, especially for those who aren’t a morning person). One main thing that may help you ease things up would be that fresh cup of coffee. Get yourself a coffee press set at the beginning of the year and see wonders unfold as the sun begins to rise.

2. Organize your daily activities.

The best way to translate this resolution would be to “write things down.”  More often than not, you may find yourself burdened with daily activities, work, travel, family, they can all get mixed up if you’re not careful. If that isn’t bad enough, you may forget an important thing or two in the scramble, thus, rendering your activity for the day incomplete. Be wise about your deliverables and write it all down. Getting yourself an organizer/planner may seem like a simple choice, but watch it do wonders for you. You can list down your work pointers, you can add in your family activities for the upcoming weekend, you may even jot down important events such as your kid’s birthdays and your other-half’s wedding anniversary. A notebook doesn’t entirely have to be about your work, after all. Remember, it is merely but a compilation of blank pages, its contents are going to be based of your daily life, and all of these would involve the most important details that you’d never want to miss. Some of these details may include keywords and definitions, but most of the time, they would include dates, months, time of the day, names, and even notes about the people you’d either meet with or are part of those day-by-day plans. You just have to elaborate on these details in order to keep things organized and clear. Never miss another beat again.

3. Stay hydrated.

It’s as simple as that. You may have been skipping on your daily intake of water this past decade, but now is the perfect time to change all that. Quit on sodas and alcoholic drinks, instead, for a fresh and undeniably perfect option. A person’s regular water intake per day should be eight (8) glasses or more, so start from there. We’re not just focusing on your daily intake at home or at work, we also dwell on your hydration during workout. After a strenuous routine, have time to take a breather, sit or stand, whatever you’re comfortable with, breathe in and breathe out, and drink to refill that lost body fluid. Remember to get yourself a durable water container that you can carry around all the time. You may opt for a water bottle, for example, a lightweight choice for people who are always on-the-go. Remember, dehydration has its negative effects on the body. You’re better off drinking from time to time, instead of letting all the food intake flow in without any accompanying fluids. They tend to build up, sugar, carbs, all of those nutrients which your body should be breaking down, they aren’t able to due to lack of water.

It is understandable to obtain all of them in one go for a more complete execution of your plans for the New Year. However, you may also gift them to others who you may feel would need all the help that they can get in order to improve their lifestyle this 2020. In such case, we recommend Gift Solutions and their fine lineup of customizable gift items. All of the items that we’ve mentioned (even those that weren’t) are definitely of high-quality and refined to meet the needs of those you are gifting to, may it be for corporate events or other personal celebrations. For more information, you may visit their website at