Gift Ideas On-the-Go

As an employer, one of the best things that you may give your employees this upcoming holiday season would be corporate giveaways. Not straying far from showing the spirit of giving, not only would these gifts act as a Yuletide gesture, it would also be considered a token of appreciation for all of the hard work that they have done during the whole year. Of course, it isn’t just about choosing a random item and then giving them straightaway after the Christmas party, but rather, presenting something that you’re sure they’d be most thankful for in the long run. “How may I accomplish this then?” you may ask. Simply put, by presenting them with something that they would be able to use on a daily basis. Office items which they can utilize to further their work, for example. Either that or you may provide them with a valuable work tool that would help them reach out to clients far better than before. In short, a gift that would amplify their skills, talent, and hard work tenfold. If your employees are the type to set up a meeting with potential clients and long-time business partners, choosing the right gift in the aforementioned manner would be very vital, which is why we had enumerated an appropriate list for you, for those driven employees who are always on-the-go.

1. An Elegant Wallet

Understandably, not all employees own a car. Whether it’s due to economic reasons or environmental ones, your hardworking employees aren’t always going to ride a comfortable air conditioned car. In such case, why not give them something that they may bring along in their travels? The fact that they’re usually outdoors for meeting, they may need to commute more often than not, hence, why an elegant wallet would be very practical and functional, holding in their fare money while comfortably sitting in their pockets. Wallets come in many shapes and sizes, though you should consider one which would match your employees fashion sense. The thing about wallets is that, they are not only mere containers for money, but rather, they are also considered a status symbol. Leather ones will always strike as a costlier adage rather than those which are made from other materials. And don’t even get us started on the metal finishes that some elegant wallets have, even going as far as to contain gold platings on the corners.

2. An Umbrella

We weren’t kidding when we said that this specific list would be for your employees who are always on-the-go. The Philippines has one of the most unpredictable weather patterns ever known to mankind. One minute you’re walking on sunshine, and then running towards a safety shed the next hour. Sudden rain and strong winds are a staple of the Philippine islands, an unavoidable indication of our tropical climate, hence, why employees should always be aware and ready when I comes to travelling outdoors. As their employer, they are your responsibility, and this is where umbrellas would come in. Not only would a nifty umbrella be a valuable tool to deflect the unwanted effects of the weather, it would also be a great opportunity to promote your company, as some umbrella manufacturers would allow you to customize and add in your logo, thus hitting two birds with one stone. Do keep in mind that the quality of the umbrella would also matter, as low standard materials would only flip the umbrella during strong winds.

3. Drawstring Bag

For a gift that screams on-the-go, this would be the perfect candidate. Bags are always a good thing to carry around, especially when your employees are usually assigned to attend outdoor meetings. Just think about it, with all of the stuff that they’d bring along for the ride, their pens and notebooks, their cellphones, their documents, their wallets, and even their tumblers, all of these wouldn’t fit in their coat pockets, let alone be practical enough to carry around by hand, hence, why a lightweight drawstring bag would be a great choice as a giveaway. Aside from the practicality of the design, you may also choose the colors that would match with the company motif, a sort of uniformed fashion statement, if you will. This would also serve as a way to show your clients and business partners that everyone in your company is united by a common goal of delivering exemplary service and great business, without sacrificing style and elegance.

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