Gift Ideas To Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction


A great way to inspire productivity and employee satisfaction is by giving gifts. Not only are you showing your employees that you care (and thus increasing their loyalty) but carefully chosen gifts can also inspire or help employees to work harder.

Coffee / Tea
Before leaving home, most people have a cup of coffee or tea to wake themselves up for work. Giving your employees some good quality coffee beans or tea leaves as gifts is not only a good way to show your appreciation, it can also equip them for the day ahead.

Thermal Travel Mug
The Philippines is one of the highest-ranked countries in the world when it comes to traffic. So for people who live far away from their office, a travel mug is a godsend. It’s light, portable and can be filled with their drink of choice. Those in a hurry will appreciate having one if it means that they can bring along their coffee or tea while they drive or commute to work.

Stress Ball
Stress balls are deceptively simple but satisfying gifts to receive.

As we all know, work definitely isn’t a walk in the park. Sometimes, it can even cause us enough stress to induce anxiety. But as adults, we are no longer allowed to express such emotions in an overt manner.

And that’s where the stress ball comes in.

It releases the accumulated negative feelings inside you with none being the wiser. Afterwards, you can go back to “adulting” and doing your job well.

Ideas come and go, and sometimes the best ideas disappear as quickly as they come. Giving your employees some handy notebooks that they can carry around will help them keep track of any interesting ideas that might suddenly pop in their minds.

Another benefit to notebooks is the ability to keep track of things. Your employees can bring them along during meetings so that they can note down whatever changes, needs, or ideas come up during the discussion.
Personal Whiteboards
It’s cute, unique and useful. A small whiteboard on a standee on their desk is a great way to leave people messages. You can write down urgent news, invites, or greetings and it would be the first thing they’ll see when they arrive at the office. A simple anonymous good morning message is enough to brighten anyone’s day and get them raring to go.

Post-its are a great way to note down things quickly. The fact that they are bright is a plus as it makes it difficult to ignore them once they’re within your sights. So aside from adding color to your workplace, you and your employees can potentially use them to note down important reminders you need to remember.

It’s important that you show your employees that they are appreciated, and giving small gifts is just one simple way of showing them you care.