8 Corporate Gift Ideas for Financial Companies

Everyone loves to receive gifts. Giving gifts to your best clients is a great way to highlight your business’ identity and values. It shows a level of generosity and implies that you care about your relationship with them. And this includes the people working in finance.

With this in mind, we’ve listed a few items you can give to your clients from the finance industry. This small act of kindness can create a lasting impression for your brand, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and increased referrals.

1. Leather Wallet
Nothing can be classier than giving your client a personalized leather wallet. Choose a slim and elegant design fit to your clients’ or their companies’ personality.

2. Personalized Notepad
Everyone takes notes at work or needs to keep their expense in check. Give your client a personalized stationary with their first initial at the top.

3. Business Card Holder
Give your client a platform to display their information on their desk or at the reception area of their business with a customized business card holder. The design for which is endless and you can have the option to add a feature to put a pen/pencil holder to it.

4. Desk Lamp
Your clients will always be reminded of you every time they switch on their desk lamps that you gave them. It’s a valuable item that you can select from various sizes, shapes, and designs. You may choose to modify these lamps or even add a message to be placed on the product to show your appreciation to the recipient.

5. A Padfolio
A durable padfolio is a great marketing tool for your business and a very helpful gift for your client who’s always on-the-go. The padfolio can be an accessory where they could write notes, hold important financial documents, and business cards.

6. Desk Planner
This gift is perfect for your clients who have to keep up with their busy schedules – organizing personal activities, plotting meetings and deadlines of projects. If the planner includes a leather cover, this would be perfect for their company’s logo imprint or their initials.

7. Custom Adhesive Note Pads
Your clients will find a lot of ways to make use of this gift and it can get your branding to really stick. This kind of gift is available in many different styles, sizes and colors – perfect for reminders or markers on documents for signatures. The imprint areas on these note pads can be printed with any logo, artwork or message you would like.

8. Insulated Reusable Water Bottle
Promoting your company with mugs or water bottles is a time-tested method of keeping your brand in the eyes of people. Level up your gifts this holiday season by giving your clients from the finance industry with an insulated, reusable water bottle that would keep them hydrated during the workday and get your logo seen each time they take a sip of their beverage.

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Reward Your Staff with these 10 Gift Ideas

Effectively engage your team by rewarding your employees for a job well-done. Aligning the rewards you will be giving to the things they truly value will make a big difference in how they are received. If this seems like a challenge, fear not! We’ve listed 10 gift ideas you can give your staff this holiday season to show you appreciate their efforts.

1. Statement Mug
The thing about mug is they are always in use, whether during their breaks in-between work or just a simple picker-upper to power through the day. What would make these mugs les boring is the motivational message etched on them, like “Employee of the Year.” It’s one way to tell your outstanding employees that you value their contributions and hard work.

2. Message Pens
Level up your gift game by adding a little extra touch to an ordinary pen. Positive messages pens are those which contain messages in a small rectangular box. Once the employee opens up the tin box, they’d see your message to them which may be in the form of motivational message or gratitude or even a personal note. It’s a good way to brighten up their day and fill them with motivation throughout another year of work.

3. Calendar
Remind your employees that you see and value their hard work by giving them a calendar filled with motivational quotes. Aside from the fact that this would keep them organized and reminded of the holidays, it would also be a good way to give them a measure to keep track of their work days and outputs for current and upcoming projects.

4.Customized Notebooks
Encourage your employees flexibility by giving them a notebook which they could fill of their daily tasks and notes from meetings. Not only will this inspire them to continue to be organized, but also to create a systematic environment for your team.

5. Desk Clock
Complete your employee’s productivity starter kit by giving them a desk clock. Not only would a nice-looking desk clock help them keep track of their schedule but this would also motivate them to work in a timely manner, completing all tasks in a timely manner.

6. Tumbler
Keep your team in their best shape by encouraging them to hydrate. Give them an insulated tumbler to keep their water cold or their tea warm to get them going. It’s up to you if you want to add a motivational statement or your company’s branding, as long as the item is durable and something your staff would definitely be able to use for a while.

7. Memo Box
Inspire your staff to continue to be organized with their work by giving them memo pads in various colors. These will give them the freedom to color-coordinate their responsibilities and ensure systematic delivery of their work items. It would not only take the dullness of their cubicle away but this would also be a good way for them to keep each other “posted” with regards to their work.

8. Company Apparel
Loud and proud! Have your team show-off their love for the company with apparel marked with your company’s logo. You can even schedule a day of the week where they can dress down and wear casual clothes using a shirt stamped or embroidered with your company’s logo. These apparels can also be worn when you have your company outings or team building activities.

9. Bag or Luggage Tags
Does your business involve lots of traveling? Reward your best employee with a customized tag they can use whenever they travel. The tag will make their luggage standout and keep it from getting lost.

10. USB Flash Drive
Give your team something they would definitely use in their day-to-day work. A USB flash drive is perfect for it! Make the design unique so it’s something the rest of the team would aim to have and encourage them to work hard.

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