Grateful Giving: Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly

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At Gift Solutions, we believe that being grateful is best shown by giving joy to the people who matter.

To the people we deal with every day – our families, friends, clients, co-workers, and employees, giving joy may be as simple as a handwritten thank you note or a well-thought-out gift.  To the people we oftentimes forget, giving joy might be just as simple as giving time.

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Since 2016, our company has visited the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly to spread joy to the women residents.  Located in San Juan, the home has over 90 residents – all of whom with stories and smiles to share.  We have learned from and are enormously grateful for the time we have spent with them.

To learn more about Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly, please contact 0917-836-0083.