Client Gifts: 5 Memorable Ways to Say Thanks This Christmas


How far can a simple “thank you” go? Clients are more likely to remember you if they experience regular acts of gratitude. Thanking clients is not just considered as polite behavior. It is a way to build a lasting relationship, and there’s no better time to show appreciation than during Christmas. The holidays mark the end of another year, and is often a time for reflection. Can you afford for your clients to reflect only to realize they want to switch to one of your competitors? No? Then perhaps a Christmas gift is in order.  Try these five thoughtful ways to show how much you appreciate your clients.

1. Write them a personal message
It may be old fashioned, but what better way is there to show clients how much you care than with a simple thank you note? When crafting your message, try to be focused and personal. Try to find a specific way your client has made a meaningful impact on your business. It will make your note more personal and will likely increase motivation to work with you again. Get a customized company greeting card printed out, write a short message inside, and attach it to a bouquet of flowers.

2. Give them a cheese knives set
Useful and creative promotional products are a great way to thank clients. The best way to determine out-of-the-box ideas is to think of what would really impress you. Branded products go way beyond customized pens. It’s especially helpful if you know your clients’ interests and are able to match some really nice personalized gift sets to those interests.  If you have clients who love fine dining, a cheese knives set is the perfect gift. They’ll appreciate that you went the extra mile to make them feel special.

3. Send them travel essentials
Are your clients always on the go? Customizing travel items is always a nice choice. Give them toiletry bags they can use immediately. Select canvas, leather, or waterproof options for a bag they’ll love forever. Also, portable phone chargers or charging docks make crowd-pleasing gifts for frequent travelers. Your clients will thank you when they’re unable to get to a wall or car charger.

4. Gift them a custom notebook
Like most business professionals, your clients likely do a great deal of notetaking. Have nice leather-bound notebooks created in your company colors or with a subtle logo printed on the front cover. A custom notebook is the perfect gift for clients who want to keep up with the notes they capture day-in and day-out.

5. Give them a branded calendar
The best way to wrap up a great year with your clients is with customized calendars. From desk calendars to portable pocket planners, there are many options that your clients will love. Your logo and contact information will be seen by your clients daily. It’s a great way to put you on top of your client’s mind for the year to come.

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