Welcome New Employees with These Gifts

Welcome Gift

Do you remember your first day or week at work?

Whether it was amazing or simply awkward, the early days at a new job is always a memorable time for people in the workforce. Some companies, whether small businesses or big corporations, take great measures to welcome their new employees, while others don’t pay much attention at all.

There are actually several ways to acclimate a new hire. Some companies organize a lunch with the big bosses or with their team, while others show internal videos to further introduce their company. And then there are others who incorporate giving out welcome kits.

Employee Welcome Kit

Remember when you first started school and your parents packed your bag with items you might be needing on your first day? This is a similar concept to an employee welcome kit. It’s like a survival kit for the office, intended to give the new employee the tools and knowledge they would most likely need to get up and running in their new job as soon as possible.

Aside from the usual welcome letter and HR documents, a welcome kit usually contains several merchandise branded with the company’s logo or color. Here’s a list of possible items you can give out to your new hires:


Branded with your logo, give out a shirt to your new employee they could use for your company’s upcoming team building activity.

Coffee Mug

Whether your new hire is a morning person or not, they would for sure need a cup of coffee to get them going through their work day, right?


Your new employee’s first day will surely be overwhelming. Help them remember names, rules and details with a notebook or notepad branded by your company’s logo.

USB Flashdrive

Ditch the papers and save the environment by giving out a USB stick containing the standard documents you give out to new hires. This is something they’d definitely find useful. Add a more personal touch when you put in a video especially made welcoming them into the team.

By making new hires feel welcome on their first day, you’re increasing your chances for better employee retention in the long run. Giving out welcome kits sets the tone and lays the groundwork for a culture of gratitude.

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4 Benefits of Giving Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts have been a favorite for businesses to give out to their stakeholders for good reason. Marketing, PR, and even HR teams know that these giveaways create flair for representation. On top of that, these are visual and tactile advertisements that remind people what your business is and what you stand for. If you are still rethinking the value promotional gifts can bring to your business, here are four benefits to consider.

Promotional Gifts Increase Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is often a hard task that requires you to get very creative with your marketing strategies.  Promotional products is a tried and tested way to increase brand recognition for your business.  When choosing promotional products, make sure to go with useful and attractive items your current and potential clients would want to use frequently while staying true to your brand’s identity.

Promo Gifts are Inexpensive

Promotional gifts are budget-friendly and inexpensive to make.  Aside from being inexpensive, it also allows companies more control over the market they want to reach.

Companies can personally distribute giveaways to potential customers, easily giving them the ability to increase brand loyalty, or at least keep it at a consistent rate.

Promotional Gifts are Tangible & Versatile

Compared to newspaper ads and radio mentions, promotional gifts are something stakeholders can hold on to and use every day.  These products can influence current and potential clients by keeping you top of mind in ordinary day-to-day moments – a recyclable bag used for their groceries, a free pen used for their meetings, an umbrella used to keep them dry, and the list goes on.

Get creative in coming up with the perfect giveaway that your stakeholders can use over and over in different moments of their day and reap the benefits of repeat exposure.  You would be surprised with how a well-thought-of promotional gift can consistently put your brand in front of potential customers.

Promotional Gifts are Flexible

Promotional gifts are flexible and can easily be modified according to your needs.  A lot of factors are considered when looking for the perfect promotional gift – target budget, recipients, distribution strategies, and compliance to brand identity among others.  Understanding your market and finding the balance between your priorities will help you come up with the perfect promotional gift.  Good thing there is a wide range of promotional gift options to choose from!

The product options are endless, and you can also be creative in how you use the items.  Promotional gifts may be given by itself or it may be part of customer loyalty packages, employee appreciation gifts, recruitment kits, or media event giveaways.  Promotional giveaways are the best option for your year-round marketing projects.