Wow Your Staff with These Thoughtful Employee Gifts

The best companies reward employees with more than a steady paycheck. They build self-esteem and motivate employees by recognizing exceptional performance where it’s due. When employees feel appreciated, they continuously contribute their best efforts.

But choosing an effective gift for employees is not an easy task. The worst mistake employers make is getting overly “traditional” gifts. These types of rewards aren’t memorable and will only end up collecting dust in a corner. Instead of going the safe and generic route, it’s better to put a bit more thought into your choices. Here’s a list of employee appreciation gift ideas you can keep in mind when setting off on the quest for this year’s corporate gift:

1. Desk calendar
A gift they’ll use every day leaves a lasting impression on an employee, so stylish ornaments that show the day of the month make practical and lovely decorations. Sure, they have smart phone apps for staying on top of schedules, but a custom desk calendar deserves a place on any office desk.

2. Mug
If you want to serve up a steaming cup of creativity for the holidays, then a personalized mug is the perfect go-to gift. Make your staff’s mornings better with decorative coffee mug that show them how much you appreciate their hard work.

3. Leather Journal
Designed to keep ideas and writings with style and sophistication, a leather-bound journal is a classy gift that your employees will love. A sturdy journal will hold everything from brainstorming doodles to professional notes. This gift tells your employees how much you value their creative expression and thoughts.

4. Stress Balls
Lighten the mood and remind employees you’re there when times are tough with motivational stress relievers. Stress balls have a place in any office, and they can be fun gifts during your company’s busy season. Because they’re available in various shapes, there’s sure to be something that suits your company’s branding.

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6 Must Haves for Your Employee Welcome Kit

Most human resources managers have stories of new employees that fell through because they got better offers, or because they got cold feet and decided to run off at the last minute. For most new employees, the first day can be exhausting. It’s important to initiate and maintain communication, so your new hire doesn’t become the “one that got away”.

The best way to make your new recruit feel like a part of the team is with an employee welcome kit. You should create an attractive company culture that makes onboarding fun and easy. The perfect employee starter pack should include the following:

1. Welcome letter signed by the team
Your welcome letter will say a lot about the personality of your company. For an elegant and formal touch, you could include a personalized message from the CEO. Alternatively, if you want to reflect a more fun and youthful vibe, you could enlist the help of the entire team to create humorous one-liners. The options are endless, so feel free to get creative.

2. Custom coffee mug
When choosing items to include in your kit, think about your employee’s day. Try to think of things they’ll likely use. A company mug, for example, is something they’ll appreciate. It’s likely that they enjoy drinking coffee, because who doesn’t? But if they’re on a caffeine-free diet, they can still use a mug for other beverages.

3. Company Pens
No welcome kit is complete without company pens. They’re easy-to-order and cost-effective. With so many thoughts on your new hire’s minds, a pen is needed for those moments when inspiration strikes and their electronic devices fail them.

4. Customized notebook
Company notebooks are an all-around favorite. They’re useful for jotting notes related to both personal and professional affairs. They also create a professional business image for your company.

5. Company T-shirt
Make it official! Welcome your new hires to the team by giving them custom T-shirts. Just like in sports, a uniform inspires teamwork and camaraderie. Plus, company shirts are an effective way to create a cohesive, polished, and professional look for your staff.

6. Staff Profiles
Staff profiles help your new hire get to know their new team members. When you meet ten to twenty people in one day, it’s hard to keep track of names and faces. In addition to contact details, employee profiles should also include areas of interest and hobbies. Your new hire will feel more comfortable if they already have something in common to talk about with their colleagues.

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8 Essential Desk Accessories to Help You Stay Organized

Your desk is where you spend majority of your working hours. Therefore, your office abode should be a haven for productivity. Fact: You’ll be much faster and sharper when you know exactly where your things are.

Stay on top of your daily tasks with these essential desk accessories that transform your desk into a neat and organized place.

1. Vertical board
Here’s how to make excellent use of the walls along the perimeter of your desk (if any). Use a vertical board to write out important reminders. Visually displaying your to-do list helps tame the clutter on your table. It also allows you to assemble tentative mood boards that will help fuel your brain juices for your existing tasks.

2. Calendar
Your desktop computer’s digital calendar might not make the cut when you have multiple windows buffering on your screen. Make your life easier by having a calendar in front of you. Now, you can quickly jot down important dates and notes.

3. Post-it notes
Using a trusty notepad is as simple as scribbling, tearing and sticking. This table accessory will become your bearer of important news or reminders. You can also use it to warn your colleagues not to touch your sandwich in the office refrigerator.

4. Pencil holder
Having a pencil holder on your desk reduces the likelihood of having your pens scattered all over your table. It doesn’t have to end with pencils, though. You can stack your pens, markers, rulers and scissors too.

5. Cleaning wipes
This is particularly important if you have lunch at your desk. But even if you don’t, make it a habit to disinfect your table with antibacterial wipes at least once a week. It’s important to get rid of dirt and grime that lurk on your table and keyboard.

6. File holder
A hefty and durable holder can be used to store all your important files and documents. This helps you avoid the inconvenience of trying to find an important file sandwiched somewhere in a tall stack of pages. It’s also important to label the different folders clearly, so you can easily fish out whichever document you need within a matter of seconds.

7. Spill-proof mug
If you’re living in fear of your office mug tipping over and causing a horrific mess, you should invest in a flask with a lid that shuts tight. Even if you knock it over, you will not be faced with the consequences of having coffee-drenched documents.

8. Desk plant
Nature is soothing to the eyes. Our eyes need a break too, because we constantly strain them with bright lights from our desktop and mobile phones. Looking at the green leaves also promotes a sense of relaxation and gives you peace of mind. Plus, it makes your desk look aesthetically pleasing.

With these accessories in mind, feel free to check out Gift Solutions for your corporate gift requirements. Whether it is a product launch giveaway, a corporate event souvenir, a sales rally memorabilia, a holiday or Christmas gift, our products are designed with elegance, sophistication and simplicity — all within your budget. For more information, you may call our hotline at +637-8641 to 42, or send us an e-mail via or schedule an appointment in our office in Pasig City, Philippines.




4 Custom Corporate Gifts Ideas for Your Company Anniversary

Similar to one’s birthday, your company’s anniversary should definitely be remembered and celebrated. Think 10, 15, 25 years and up – business anniversaries are the perfect excuse to celebrate and give your business a little extra promotion.

Celebrate your company anniversary with gifts. You’ll definitely want new business giveaways with a look that highlights the remarkable milestone that your company achieved. Consider making the giveaway and the message fun and increase the chance of being remembered by the recipients of these gifts.

1. Plaque
Acknowledge key individuals who have been with the company the longest with a custom Years of Service Plaque. This gift is definitely something that recipients would proudly display at home or on their desk at work.

2. Bags & Totes
Great for work, home and on-the-go, these custom bags and totes are stylish and functional. They are a perfect way to commemorate your company’s anniversary with customers who have stayed loyal and continued to patronize your services. Make them feel your appreciation and recognize how they have helped you reach this milestone.

3. Water Bottle
Donning a custom message that perfectly celebrates the number of years your company has been running, a water bottle is a gift idea that’s perfect for both your employees and your clients. An aluminum water bottle is more environmentally friendly than plastic, and it’s also lightweight, durable and can be used for long term. This gift makes for a practical and useful gift at corporate events and as a thoughtful token of recognition for deserving members of your team. You can even choose whether the bottle has a plastic spout, cap, and a carabineer clip.

4. Desk Journal
Choose a genuinely upscale and modern look in a business gift idea with this business desk journal for your top executives. Create a lasting memory by adding customizing each journal with the recipient’s name and/or logo.

These are just some giveaway ideas in celebration of your company’s anniversary. Keep in mind that there are many ways to mark the occasion. By celebrating this important milestone, you not only help your employees and clients celebrate how far your company has come but you also open the door to new clients and staff. Business anniversary gifts that are thoughtful and unique can help your customers remember all you do for them, and keep them coming back!

5 Inexpensive Giveaways for Xmas

Only two months to go before we start the “-Ber” months, the exciting quarter that leads up to Christmas. For most companies, the coming months are about making good sales and growing the business. To achieve growth and ramp up the sales, preparing giveaways for loyal clients and attracting new customers is the key.

Giveaways can actually be made premium without paying too high a price. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to impress your customer and clients this Christmas:

Key Chains

Practically every single person in the planet needs a key. Whether it’s for the door of the house, the car, a gym locker, or a safety deposit box — people often use keys to lock and secure valuable property. A key chain giveaway is perfect for its functionality and size. Your customer is sure to appreciate a key chain that will help them remember the use of a certain key, while also making the key more handy and easy to find.


Another high function give-away is a good, old pen. Whether it’s an adult working in an office or a student working hard in school, a pen will surely be appreciated for being a handy and useful giveaway gift. With a pen, one can jot down important dates, details, to-do lists, lessons, and other matters that one must never ever forget. With a company logo serving as design, a give-away pen offers repeat exposure and free advertising for a business especially since it can be easily carried anywhere, anytime. Taking off from the adage that a “…pen is mightier than the sword”, a give-away pen is indeed an affordable yet effective marketing and advertising tool.


Pocket Notebooks

Pocket notebooks are awesome giveaways that can be immediately used by the customer or client.

It easily fits into a small bag or even in one’s shirt pocket. Its functionality is also second to none

since it can be used for taking notes, as a mini canvas for artists on the go, a scrapbook, or just about anything that your customer or client’s creativity would allow.

Refrigerator Magnets

Versatility is the key! Coming in all shapes and sizes, customers will surely appreciate this gift. The ideas for ref magnets as giveaways are vast. Your customers will surely remember you when they see your logo every time they grab something from their fridge.


Of course, who would forget the mug? It is the perfect giveaway because it is useful 24-7. From your client’s first cup of coffee in the morning to their cup of hot chocolate at the end of a tiring day, the gift mug is an always-appreciated giveaway.

So remember, this Christmas…you don’t need fancy and expensive stuff to give your valued customers or clients some holiday cheer. These simple but highly useful gift ideas will surely make them smile and appreciate you and your business. When you give them these fantastic gifts, they are sure to give you back their gift of customer loyalty this Christmas.

Give Joy to your Loyal Customers with Corporate Gifts

 Management guru Peter Drucker once said that the goal of every business is to make and keep customers.  A company might have a good product or service that customers buy, but that is not enough.

The real challenge is in how to get customers to make a repeat purchase or come back to avail of services offered by your company.

Want to know how to use corporate gifts to retain loyal customers and get new clients? Read on.

pic 1


According to experts, client and customer retention must be among the top priorities of a company that seeks long-term success. The world of business has no room for so-called one hit wonders. To stay in business, one must be able to build an army of loyal customers.

It is good if your company already has loyal customers who fully believe in your company’s products and services. Still, there must be efforts to keep them engaged in everything that you offer to the market.

One proven strategy on client and customer retention is building and maintaining good relationships. Giving loyal customers highly personalized, functional yet affordable gifts really help establish a bond of goodwill and trust.

In the same way that we give gifts to loved ones during Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions, giving loyal customers a free gift gives them joy that also helps to solidify your company’s special place in their lives.

Corporate gifts can come in many shapes and sizes.  Yet what really makes these gifts effective for client and customer retention is their functionality, unique design, and most importantly, the personalized approach that a company takes to please its valued customer.

Indeed, a corporate gift is a bridge of friendship and a tool for business continuity. Whether it is a simple mug, a tote bag, desk calendar, or even just a writing pen — corporate gifts helps make a company’s relationship with its customers warm and genuine.  Receiving these special gifts provides customers a very positive experience that they associate with a company and its products or services.

Perhaps your loyal customers have already achieved a certain level of satisfaction because of your product or service line. But when they receive special gifts from you, especially when unexpected, it heightens their sense of loyalty and appreciation several notches higher.

Keeping your customers need not be a complex nor expensive task.  All it takes is a little creativity and a deep sincerity in looking for ways to meet your customer’s needs, exceed their expectations, and bring them extra joy with corporate gifts.