Don’t Know What to Give to Your Clients for Christmas? Here are Some Things You Should Consider

Gift_BoxChristmas season may be months away but here in the Philippines, as soon as it hits September, red, green and gold decors start to pop out everywhere. And you know what that means for HR and marketing professionals – it’s time to think of gift ideas for possible corporate gifts for the upcoming holidays! This is especially true for companies that require hundreds or even thousands of corporate gift baskets or giveaways, considering that production may take quite some time.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, there are a couple of things to consider when selecting the right corporate giveaways. With the market full of options, it’s not easy to choose the perfect gift to give to your clients, staff, and partners. This is why we’ve made a list of things you should consider before ordering or purchasing corporate gifts.

Know Your Budget
Yes, you want to show appreciation to your clients, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money to do so. It’s a good idea to make a budget and then pick the gift item that fits your budget accordingly.

Go for Quality
Impressions last. It’s important to remember that the gifts you give out during the holidays is an extension of your appreciation towards your clients. Simply put, it helps in the promotion and branding of your company. It makes a lasting impression for your business. Find a supplier that can deliver high quality gifts without breaking the bank.

Favor Unique and Useful Gifts
Think of it this way: if you’re to receive a Christmas gift, what would you want to get? The most successful gifts are those that are not common. Your client would surely appreciate and find extra value with a gift that is truly unique or personalized, whether with their names or their company’s logos. Also, wouldn’t it be amazing to know that the gift you give them is something they would find practical use for on a daily basis?

Customize Your Gifts Based on Your Company’s Identity
Similar to all aspects of your company branding, the gifts you give out during the holiday season should also bear the identity of your company. From the packaging to the gift card you’d be using, the possibility is endless on how you can incorporate your company’s brand into your gifts this Christmas. Research shows that something as simple as a printed pen or mug can go a long way towards helping establish a strong brand identity – which is created by embedding your business’ values, logo and name into the minds of current and potential customers. As such, simple items like a printed pen, bag or mug which are items seen and used by the recipient on every day basis will help achieve this. Think, everyday items like these marked with your brand’s logo are often most effective as these offer you an enormous amount of exposure, over a long period of time.

Add a Personal Touch
A handwritten note with your corporate gift will do wonders! It adds another layer of thought that your clients would truly appreciate. Let’s face it, the reality is your client would be receiving tons of gifts this holiday season. But with your note, you won’t fall prey to the dreaded “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome. However, do make sure that you spell their names or their company’s name correctly on your note. You wouldn’t want to flop on your attempt on making a great impression.

Invest in Packaging
Similar to the point above, it’s also important to give proper attention to your gift’s packaging. It’s because if the packaging of your gift is attractive, your gift will stand out from the pile & then your clients would get more excited to unwrap your present. The gift you give says a lot about your company, and so will its packaging. The perceived value of your gift can be considerably be enhanced with the right packaging. After all, it’s the small things that demonstrate your good taste and attention to detail.

As you’ve probably been thinking, giving out corporate gifts is not an exact science. Try to be creative but at the same time, don’t stress over finding the “perfect” gift.

Still not sure what to give to your clients this Christmas? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Welcome New Employees with These Gifts

Welcome Gift

Do you remember your first day or week at work?

Whether it was amazing or simply awkward, the early days at a new job is always a memorable time for people in the workforce. Some companies, whether small businesses or big corporations, take great measures to welcome their new employees, while others don’t pay much attention at all.

There are actually several ways to acclimate a new hire. Some companies organize a lunch with the big bosses or with their team, while others show internal videos to further introduce their company. And then there are others who incorporate giving out welcome kits.

Employee Welcome Kit

Remember when you first started school and your parents packed your bag with items you might be needing on your first day? This is a similar concept to an employee welcome kit. It’s like a survival kit for the office, intended to give the new employee the tools and knowledge they would most likely need to get up and running in their new job as soon as possible.

Aside from the usual welcome letter and HR documents, a welcome kit usually contains several merchandise branded with the company’s logo or color. Here’s a list of possible items you can give out to your new hires:


Branded with your logo, give out a shirt to your new employee they could use for your company’s upcoming team building activity.

Coffee Mug

Whether your new hire is a morning person or not, they would for sure need a cup of coffee to get them going through their work day, right?


Your new employee’s first day will surely be overwhelming. Help them remember names, rules and details with a notebook or notepad branded by your company’s logo.

USB Flashdrive

Ditch the papers and save the environment by giving out a USB stick containing the standard documents you give out to new hires. This is something they’d definitely find useful. Add a more personal touch when you put in a video especially made welcoming them into the team.

By making new hires feel welcome on their first day, you’re increasing your chances for better employee retention in the long run. Giving out welcome kits sets the tone and lays the groundwork for a culture of gratitude.

Looking for gifts to welcome your company’s new hire? Gift Solutions has a huge selection of gifts to usher in the newest members of your team. Give your new hire a welcome kit that they would for sure find useful. Contact us by calling (+632 637-8641 to 42) or sending us an email at

10 Creative Gift Ideas for your Clients this Christmas



It’s a just a month before the –Ber months and we all know what that means. Christmas is just around the corner.

As a much-appreciated practice among companies – whether big ones or start-ups, giving clients gifts for the holidays is a norm. This serves as a way of not only showing thanks for the business they gave, but also that you are looking forward to working with them again.

There are many ways to give thanks to clients. Whether you give out specialty discounts or tangible giveaways, what’s important is to delight and show your clients how grateful you are for the chance of being able to work with them.

Below are some gift ideas you can give out to your clients this holiday season:

1. Personalized Mugs
Give out a mug perfect for coffee or tea. Make this gift solution extra special by stylishly customizing it with your company logo and/or by personalizing it by adding in your client’s name.

2. Customized Notebooks
Your clients would surely feel the holiday cheer if you give them a notebook monogrammed with their initials or printed with their company’s logo. This is one gift solution your clients would truly appreciate because it’s something they can bring around with them during meetings.

3. Pens with Multiple Functions
With their ubiquity, giving out a pen as a gift is not usually seen as very creative. But with a little tweaking, you can turn that simple pen into a wonderful gift. There are pens that have multi-use functions such as those that have a red pointer light that’s perfect for business meetings and presentations. You can also choose a pen that has a built-in flashlight that is so useful when fumbling over stuff in your bag, in the car, or even inside a dark theatre during movie nights.

4. Customized Bags for Carrying Christmas Goodies
Wouldn’t it be nice to give your clients a gift they’d use not only for work but also for personal use? This holiday season, customized bags are the way to go. With left and right holiday parties, clients would truly appreciate receiving a gift that’s multi-purpose and personalized. Best of all, it’s just the perfect thing to put in the many Christmas gifts and goodies they’ll be receiving.

5. Coffee Flask
Your clients would surely feel the holiday cheer when you give them personalized coffee flasks this Christmas. Whether to keep their daily cup of Joe piping hot or cold, this is a gift they’d surely use every day!

6. Umbrellas
Giving an umbrella as a gift is also a sure winner simply because it is such as useful item. But you can go beyond the usual by making sure that the color and design of the umbrella is hip. Rain or shine, an umbrella as a gift would surely bring a smile on your client’s face. To make it unique and highly personalized, order umbrellas that are labeled with your client’s name or company.

7. Planners
Give the gift of organization to your clients this Christmas. Your clients would truly appreciate a planner they can jot down notes and meetings for the coming year. Lightweight planners are best for their daily to-dos and reminders to help them stay focused and organized.

8. Gadget Set
In this highly digital world, help your clients stay connected when you give them thoughtful gadget gift sets. You can print their logo in flash drive and powerbank. This is something they’d find truly useful!

9. Compressible Bags
Is your client an avid traveler? Why not give them compressible bags for Christmas? This gift would help them stay organized and save space during their holiday travels. Make it extra special by either printing their names or company logo on the bag.

10. Unique Packaging
Whatever gift you plan to give to your clients, make it extra special with unique packaging. From the wrapping paper down to the gift card, packaging that’s top notch will surely elevate your gifts and make the recipient feel extra special.

This Christmas, you can be as creative as you like. As you spread some love and cheer, you can also take the opportunity to make your own company stand out by giving presents that create impact on clients during the holiday season and all-year round.


Benefits of Starting Your Christmas List Early



With the –ber months just around the corner, you better start making your Christmas list. Ditch the hassle of last-minute Christmas shopping this year by starting your Christmas list early.

Do you already have a list of people to give gifts to? Do you know what gifts to give to each person on your list? If you don’t have answers to these questions, read on to know why you need to start your Christmas list early.

Forget No One

Starting your Christmas list early has a very clear benefit: you forget no one. Family members, friends, clients, officemates, you name it – they have to be on that list, right? But in the mad rush of the holidays, there is always that one person you seem to forget. This time, make sure that everybody you wanted to give a gift to is on your list.

Plan for Better Gifts

Another real benefit of starting your Christmas list early is that you get to think thoroughly on what gifts to give.With your list, you would surely know how many present you need to buy, and most importantly, you know who get to receive what item. Whatever gift and whomever you may want to give them to,  getting those presents prepared early is surely the way to go.

By making your list early and avoiding the holiday rush, you get to put extra thought on the gifts you would be giving away.

Pre-Season Price Savings

Discounts! Discounts! Discounts!

Using your list, you can also decide which ones you can already buy before the Christmas rush. While some Christmas are not available until September or October, most items can be bought in advance for a lesser price.

With your list, you can actually save some money since you know which items you can buy ahead and which ones you can only buy during the season. Also, with your Christmas list prepared in advance, you can set aside time to budget how much you will actually spend for each person you’re going to give a gift to. You can even get special deals for the gifts that you are giving away.

More Time to Personalize or Customize Gifts

Another great advantage of having a Christmas list early is that you’ll have time to check out companies or stores that offer personalized items or custom-made gifts. Whether it is for your personal or corporate gifts, giving customized Christmas presents will surely let them know how special they are to you. With a Christmas list done early, you can allot more time and thought to each present that you plan to give out this season.

Make sure you draft that list of special people and write down what Christmas gift to give each and every person. With the list, you can also make sure that you buy each present with purpose and within budget.If you think about it, it’s more than a list of persons to give gifts to – it’s a catalog of special people who will receive your appreciation during the most wonderful time of the year.





5 Inexpensive Giveaways for Xmas

Only two months to go before we start the “-Ber” months, the exciting quarter that leads up to Christmas. For most companies, the coming months are about making good sales and growing the business. To achieve growth and ramp up the sales, preparing giveaways for loyal clients and attracting new customers is the key.

Giveaways can actually be made premium without paying too high a price. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to impress your customer and clients this Christmas:

Key Chains

Practically every single person in the planet needs a key. Whether it’s for the door of the house, the car, a gym locker, or a safety deposit box — people often use keys to lock and secure valuable property. A key chain giveaway is perfect for its functionality and size. Your customer is sure to appreciate a key chain that will help them remember the use of a certain key, while also making the key more handy and easy to find.


Another high function give-away is a good, old pen. Whether it’s an adult working in an office or a student working hard in school, a pen will surely be appreciated for being a handy and useful giveaway gift. With a pen, one can jot down important dates, details, to-do lists, lessons, and other matters that one must never ever forget. With a company logo serving as design, a give-away pen offers repeat exposure and free advertising for a business especially since it can be easily carried anywhere, anytime. Taking off from the adage that a “…pen is mightier than the sword”, a give-away pen is indeed an affordable yet effective marketing and advertising tool.


Pocket Notebooks

Pocket notebooks are awesome giveaways that can be immediately used by the customer or client.

It easily fits into a small bag or even in one’s shirt pocket. Its functionality is also second to none

since it can be used for taking notes, as a mini canvas for artists on the go, a scrapbook, or just about anything that your customer or client’s creativity would allow.

Refrigerator Magnets

Versatility is the key! Coming in all shapes and sizes, customers will surely appreciate this gift. The ideas for ref magnets as giveaways are vast. Your customers will surely remember you when they see your logo every time they grab something from their fridge.


Of course, who would forget the mug? It is the perfect giveaway because it is useful 24-7. From your client’s first cup of coffee in the morning to their cup of hot chocolate at the end of a tiring day, the gift mug is an always-appreciated giveaway.

So remember, this Christmas…you don’t need fancy and expensive stuff to give your valued customers or clients some holiday cheer. These simple but highly useful gift ideas will surely make them smile and appreciate you and your business. When you give them these fantastic gifts, they are sure to give you back their gift of customer loyalty this Christmas.

Give Joy to your Loyal Customers with Corporate Gifts

 Management guru Peter Drucker once said that the goal of every business is to make and keep customers.  A company might have a good product or service that customers buy, but that is not enough.

The real challenge is in how to get customers to make a repeat purchase or come back to avail of services offered by your company.

Want to know how to use corporate gifts to retain loyal customers and get new clients? Read on.

pic 1


According to experts, client and customer retention must be among the top priorities of a company that seeks long-term success. The world of business has no room for so-called one hit wonders. To stay in business, one must be able to build an army of loyal customers.

It is good if your company already has loyal customers who fully believe in your company’s products and services. Still, there must be efforts to keep them engaged in everything that you offer to the market.

One proven strategy on client and customer retention is building and maintaining good relationships. Giving loyal customers highly personalized, functional yet affordable gifts really help establish a bond of goodwill and trust.

In the same way that we give gifts to loved ones during Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions, giving loyal customers a free gift gives them joy that also helps to solidify your company’s special place in their lives.

Corporate gifts can come in many shapes and sizes.  Yet what really makes these gifts effective for client and customer retention is their functionality, unique design, and most importantly, the personalized approach that a company takes to please its valued customer.

Indeed, a corporate gift is a bridge of friendship and a tool for business continuity. Whether it is a simple mug, a tote bag, desk calendar, or even just a writing pen — corporate gifts helps make a company’s relationship with its customers warm and genuine.  Receiving these special gifts provides customers a very positive experience that they associate with a company and its products or services.

Perhaps your loyal customers have already achieved a certain level of satisfaction because of your product or service line. But when they receive special gifts from you, especially when unexpected, it heightens their sense of loyalty and appreciation several notches higher.

Keeping your customers need not be a complex nor expensive task.  All it takes is a little creativity and a deep sincerity in looking for ways to meet your customer’s needs, exceed their expectations, and bring them extra joy with corporate gifts.

How to Create Brand Impact with Conference Gift Bags

Every major conference, summit, or convention has something in common: the organizers distribute corporate giveaways to participants or attendees. Whether it’s a product launching, a medical convention, or a high-level business conference — the most common giveaways is the Conference Gift Bag.

As a top choice for corporate giveaways, the conference gift bag must have these three features to make sure it helps create brand impact for your product, service or company.

1. Make it a “Smart” Bag

For effective corporate giveaways, one must choose a “smart” conference bag that has features that would impress both the organizers and the event participants.

It is time to go beyond the bag and see what’s in it. Your target client or customers will surely appreciate a custom-designed USB inside the bag that they can use to copy and store conference presentations and documents.

How about a conference bag that comes with universal chargers that they can use for their cellphones and other consumer gadgets?

Having these “smart’ items (appropriately designed with your company emblem) for your corporate giveaways program will help provide convenience to event participants while creating a very good impression on your company or product.

2. Make it a “Functional” Bag

Corporate giveaways must be functional. The average attendee in a conference or summit already has a large luggage and other stuff in hand, especially if they travelled from out of town or overseas. The last thing they want is another bag to carry.

However, if you make your conference bag truly functional, they will use it and appreciate your company for the freebie.  To make it functional, make sure it has enough compartments inside that could be used to store their phone, laptop, chargers, and other must-have items.

The size of the bag also really matters. Can your target customers use the bag after the conference or event is over?  For example, is it functional enough to be used as a hand-carry bag for overhead cabin storage of a commercial plane? Is it water-resistant just in case the conference falls under rainy season?

Paying attention to the details of functionality really helps in the long run. The more your bag gets used, the better it will be for your brand’s visibility.

3. Make it Trendy.

Last but not the least, make sure that your giveaway conference bag is trendy. Who wants to use an ugly, clunky bag anyway?

These days, especially if your target market includes Millennials, style with functionality is everything. The bag must be very functional while making the user look good and cool.

Are you hosting the event in summer or during rainy season? Is the venue at a hotel in the heart of the city or at a fancy beach-side resort? These details can help you choose the right style for your conference bag.

There is an art and science to choosing corporate giveaways that create a lasting, positive impact on customers or clientele. By following these simple guidelines, you can be sure to make a smart, functional, and trendy choice that makes you the preferred brand or company.



How Corporate Giveaways Increase Brand Recall

Corporate Giveaways have been proven effective in increasing brand recall because they help create positive emotions. Tapping into that emotional state triggers an emotional response that could translate into a purchase, a repeat purchase, and even word-of-mouth marketing.


When a consumer receives a free gift, it generates a deep sense of appreciation or gratitude. Using a simple but well-designed present, you can help a customer develop a positive emotion that they instantly associate with a certain product, service, or the company itself. This is why giveaways, big or small, helps create a lasting bond between a company and the people it serves.

Industry experts call it “Emotional Marketing” or a strategy in marketing communication that helps build a brand by appealing to a customer’s emotional needs and aspirations.

Imagine distributing corporate giveaways on Mother’s Day. Think of a gift that would instantly make you remember your mother. Do you need something that evokes childhood memories of getting ready for school? A bag/tote bag with your company’s trademark emblazoned on the bag could work. Or perhaps item that brings you back to the day when your Mom cared for you when you were sick? A small first aid kit with a company name or logo on the front would be a great idea.


The unique advantage of corporate giveaways is that you can give the customer just about anything and everything under the sun. The best part is, you or your company need not spend a fortune to create brand awareness and recall. It can be anything as simple as a coffee mug, a keychain, or even an umbrella. All these items are functional and can be used daily at home, in the office, or just about anywhere the customer is.

The simple truth is that corporate giveaways are a good investment because it answers the proverbial customer’s question of: “What’s in it for me?”

Once a company demonstrates a tangible expression of concern for customers, it never goes unnoticed. The simple act of giving a customer a useful item or product is more than a token of goodwill. It is a tool to spark their emotions which could lead to product or brand loyalty. In the end, both your business and your customer wins and everybody’s happy. This is how you increase and, more importantly, maintain brand recall that improves your bottom line.

4 Benefits of Giving Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts have been a favorite for businesses to give out to their stakeholders for good reason. Marketing, PR, and even HR teams know that these giveaways create flair for representation. On top of that, these are visual and tactile advertisements that remind people what your business is and what you stand for. If you are still rethinking the value promotional gifts can bring to your business, here are four benefits to consider.

Promotional Gifts Increase Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is often a hard task that requires you to get very creative with your marketing strategies.  Promotional products is a tried and tested way to increase brand recognition for your business.  When choosing promotional products, make sure to go with useful and attractive items your current and potential clients would want to use frequently while staying true to your brand’s identity.

Promo Gifts are Inexpensive

Promotional gifts are budget-friendly and inexpensive to make.  Aside from being inexpensive, it also allows companies more control over the market they want to reach.

Companies can personally distribute giveaways to potential customers, easily giving them the ability to increase brand loyalty, or at least keep it at a consistent rate.

Promotional Gifts are Tangible & Versatile

Compared to newspaper ads and radio mentions, promotional gifts are something stakeholders can hold on to and use every day.  These products can influence current and potential clients by keeping you top of mind in ordinary day-to-day moments – a recyclable bag used for their groceries, a free pen used for their meetings, an umbrella used to keep them dry, and the list goes on.

Get creative in coming up with the perfect giveaway that your stakeholders can use over and over in different moments of their day and reap the benefits of repeat exposure.  You would be surprised with how a well-thought-of promotional gift can consistently put your brand in front of potential customers.

Promotional Gifts are Flexible

Promotional gifts are flexible and can easily be modified according to your needs.  A lot of factors are considered when looking for the perfect promotional gift – target budget, recipients, distribution strategies, and compliance to brand identity among others.  Understanding your market and finding the balance between your priorities will help you come up with the perfect promotional gift.  Good thing there is a wide range of promotional gift options to choose from!

The product options are endless, and you can also be creative in how you use the items.  Promotional gifts may be given by itself or it may be part of customer loyalty packages, employee appreciation gifts, recruitment kits, or media event giveaways.  Promotional giveaways are the best option for your year-round marketing projects.